Perth is only 10 days into winter and we’re already over it.

In the most literal sense, we have had a pretty cruisey June. Recorded as the warmest start to winter since 1897, we should have all been out aboard yachts at Rottnest, soaking up rays and chuckling away at Melbournites with their ear muffs and beanies.

Turns out the east coast has the last laugh because winter has finally hit us like an airborne snowball – right in the face. The enemy assault has left us with chapped lips, drab complexions, static-charged hair and (most shudder inducing of all) scaly hands. Mayday, we have a man down.

It’s time to take action; let’s refuse to be fearful victims to the inevitable changing of the seasons. Bring back rosey cheeks (hurrah!) and sleek, summery hair (hear, hear!) with just a few simple additions to your winter beauty regime.

Here’s How To Combat 5 Common Winter Beauty Problems.

Problem: Your Hair Has More Static Than Disconnected TV

winter beauty

Solution: Moisturising Conditioner and Shampoo / Hydrating Hair Oil

While it’s not an official science, a lot of chemistry goes into haywire hair. Your cherished locks become more static in winter because the dry air pulls electrons from your strands, leaving them positively charged so they repel each other. Thankfully, the solution to static doesn’t require a lab coat or a 6 year science degree.

The trick is to add moisture and hydration – and the best time to do this is when the hair is already hydrated. This means adding moisture-intensive products to your shower time routine. Select a shampoo and conditioner that are custom-built to hydrate and combat static, like Schwarzkopf’s moisture kick range. Following cleansing, add a few drops of a treatment oil to nourish your strands from the inside out. The result: less shocking hair. Literally.

The Products: Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Range – available at Salon Express; Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment Oil – Aesop ($35); Shine Lightweight Hydrating Oil – Aesop ($35)

Essential Pampering: In-Salon Treatment – Salon Express ($22)

Problem: Uncomfortably Chapped Lips

winter beauty

Solution: Lip Balm/  Lip Gloss/ Face Mist

 If you weren’t paying attention during year 11 human biology class, here is a microscopic refresher. Lips lack sebaceous glands that produce a water-resistant oil called sebum. As sebum is the skin’s natural protector, your lips are easily susceptible to drying out in the cold winter air.
The solution is simple enough. Regularly apply a lip balm rich in beeswax or paraffin wax to protect and soften, followed by a swatch of lip gloss to add a pop of colour. Avoid lip liner and matte lipsticks as their drier consistencies tend to emphasise any dry areas. If you do need to wear your favourite lipstick though, try adding a dab of Napoleon Auto Pilot Lip Service first to keep your lips supple.
If you need an extra layer of defence, try a face mist. A few spritzes during the day will keep your whole face and lips hydrated. Plus, this one by Herbivore smells really, really good!

The Products: Auto Pilot Lip Service – Napoleon Perdis ($32); Luminous Lip Veil in Berry Contrary – Napoleon Perdis ($32); Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Balm – Pigeonhole ($34.95); Lip Shit Coconut Basil –  Pigeonhole ($12.95); Rose Hibiscus Coconut Hydrating Face Mist – Pigeonhole ($24.95)

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Solution: Exfoliator / Intense moisturiser / Hydrating Foundation / Facial Oil

Forget the aerodynamically-questionable dragons and undead ice zombies, the most unbelievable part of the Game of Thrones universe is that people are trekking through the snow with blushed and radiant cheeks. Winter is the kryptonite of complexion, sapping away any vibrancy from our skin and leaving us feeling rather lacklustre.

Winter operates in extremes: inside it’s fiercely warm, and outside it’s tundra cold. Moving between these two polar opposites creates microscopic cracks in the skin, allowing moisture to escape. Your top layer of skin is the first to be robbed of moisture, leaving behind dead skin cells that cause a lifeless complexion. Exfoliate regularly to rid yourself of those dead cells and follow up with a few drops of a facial oil and high-powered moisturiser. A hydrating foundation will keep up the defence during the day, too.

The Products: Clean State Coffee Scrub Exfoliator – Pigeonhole ($34.95); Orchid Youth Preserving Facial Oil by Herbivore- Pigeonhole ($39.95); Roe Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore – Pigeonhole ($24.95); Personal Trainer Serum Foundation – Napoleon Perdis ($69)

Problem: Scaly Hands and Brittle Nails

winter beauty

Solution: Intensive Hand Cream / Body Oil / Clear and Strengthening Nail Polish

Have scaly hands left you questioning whether you are human or reptilian? You’re not alone – feeling like a lizard person is one of the most common signs that winter has entered the Southern Hemisphere.

After your face, the skin on your hands probably receives the worst beating from winter. Moisturising your hands frequently will go a long way, but you’ll probably need a level of love that an ordinary moisturiser just can’t provide. Invest in an extra-powerful hand cream and feel the power as you transition from reptilian to homosapien once again.

Damage control is also essential. A professional manicure clears built-up dead skin cells from your hands to encourage the growth of new, stronger cells. Between appointments, regularly brush on a clear polish or nail hardener to toughen up weak spots. Nightly, apply a few drops of a gentle oil to your cuticles to keep them supple and hydrated.

The Products: Geranium Leaf Hydrating Body Treatment – Aesop (100ml for $35); Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm (75ml for $31); Scout Cosmetics Eco Clear Polish – Health Kick ($19.95); L’Oreal Hardening Base Primer Gel ($6)

Essential Pampering: Manicure from $25 – LA Nails

Problem: It’s Raining & You Were Supposed To Be Partying Alfresco

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Solution: Clay Masque / Chocolate / Journal

Okay, while this one isn’t strictly beauty related, it’s definitely a winter problem we face. When a troublesome weather conditions postpone your afternoon drinks, refrain from shouting obscenities to the skies. Instead, march that anger right back inside and settle yourself down with a few squares of chocolate.

Take some time to catch up on your journal or life admin. As you do so, layer on a clay masque to cleanse, oxygenate and repair your battered winter skin. Before you know it, your anger has actually become an enjoyable and productive pampering session. Magic.

The Products: Pana Chocolate Varieties – Health Kick ($6.95); Moments Journal – Pigeonhole ($24.95); Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque (60ml for $45)

Johanna Borger x