Who said summer has to have all the fashion fun?

It’s easy to fall into a styling rut when the weather is being disagreeable. Between cold mornings rushing around in a blanket before work and the grey outlook of puddled sidewalks, it’s understandable that your wardrobe choices start to become a little less vibrant.

If you’re stuck and grasping for a glimmer of summer fashion fun, stop looking up and start looking down. That’s right, we’re talking shoes. 

Bright, bold and out-of-bounds, these shoes are kicking boring autumn outfits to the curb. Whether you wear them subtly with a monochrome outfit or go full-throttle with clashing prints, you’ll find your spirits inexplicably lifted.

Toughen Up

Step up your street cred this year and leave the safe, plain black heels at home.We’ve all been programmed to believe that comfort and style are inversely related: the prettier the shoe, the less likely you’ll be able to walk in it. The opposite is true for these strappy Ninewest pumps. As fierce as a Beyonce Formation, a short heel allows for a comfortable-yet-dramatic exit from the boardroom or bar. Leave people thinking: I just don’t know how she does it.

5 Non-Boring Shoes For Autumn

Abla Heel – Ninewest ($159.95)

Rise Above

Passengers, this is your final boarding call. Take a seat in first-class style and take your wardrobe to new heights with Mimco’s bold and bejewelled coronation heels. Relax, dine silver-service and watch the clouds go by – you’re on a glamorous journey to who-knows-where. Flash back to reality, and you’re actually in line at your go-to cafe awaiting your morning latte. The cheery flight attendant may have disappeared with your complimentary bag of pretzels, but your shoes are still on point.

5 Non-Boring Shoes For Autumn

Coronation Heel – Mimco ($299)

Stay Sneaky

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliance that is sneakers. No other shoe can make you appear athletic even when you’ve been missing spin class for the past 10 years. The ‘IT’ shoe of the modern age, it’s likely you already own a few pairs of plainly coloured Stan Smiths, Vans or Nikes. If you’re ready to step out of #basic zone, step into a sleek pair of metallic Decjuba sneakers.

5 Non-Boring Shoes For Autumn

Platform Sneaker – Decjuba ($89.95)

Time Traveller

Take yourself back to a time when you were younger; when the world was bigger and the days simpler. Remember tiny feet sneaking into your Grandma’s wardrobe to try on too-big wedding shoes. If you’re having trouble getting there, try on a pair of these scalloped navy pumps and simply click your heels back in time. Set to bring a hint of forgotten decorum into your Autumn wardrobe, these vintage-esque pumps don’t require hours of scrounging through op-shops to find; just a quick trip to Dangerfield.

5 Non-Boring Shoes For Autumn

Scallop Heel – Dangerfield ($99)

Fantastic Beasts Flats & Where To Find Them

When you’d rather be chasing an Obscurus through 1920s Brooklyn instead of typing away at your desk, slip on a pair of Mimco Isle Ballet Flats. Newt Scamander approved, these burgundy flats will take you from the office to the wizarding world faster than a speeding hippogriff. But just where that muggle-proofed entrance is it up to you to discover; A london telephone booth? A neglected 9 3/4 steam train platform? Get exploring and remember, wand at the ready.

5 Non-Boring Shoes For Autumn

Isle Ballet Flats – Mimco ($199)

Johanna Borger x