For hundreds of years, herbal tea has been regarded as a source of good health and vitality.

Fast-forward to the 21st century, and medical researchers are starting to unravel just how different teas can impact our day-to-day functioning, productivity and wellness. Studies have revealed some teas can help combat weight loss, lower cholesterol and bring about mental alertness. They also work brilliantly for your levels of hydration in winter, because heaven knows a steaming mug of peppermint tea on a cold day is more appealing than an icy glass of water!

 Tea is the wonder of the beverage world but – while it’s benefits are obvious – it’s still slightly shrouded in mystery. Which tea does what? How do they work? What do they contain that makes me feel so snug?

If you need energy

Green Tea, Black Tea or Black Chai Tea

A Guide To Herbal Teas & What They Do

Like coffee, both of these teas contain stimulating caffeine. Caffeine has been studied intensively and is constantly linked to increased brain function, mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory. When consumed in large quantities (like your 3rd coffee of the day…) your boost of energy is tainted by an uncomfortable and anxious ‘buzz’. Where green tea and coffee are different is a little amino-acid compound called theanine, which neutralises the negative effects of caffeine with anti-anxiety properties. The result: a mellow and sustained energy boost without those jitters!

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If you need a good night’s sleep

Lavender, Chamomile or Rooibos

A Guide To Herbal Teas & What They Do

Finding yourself dozing off at your desk? Forgetting the names of your pets? Forgetting your own name?Time to get that sleep schedule back in whack, my friends. Chamomile has long been touted as the ultimate brew for restful sleep, with lavender and rooibos only recently joining the sleepover.

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If you need to calm down


A Guide To Herbal Teas & What They Do

Whether you’ve had a big day or are about to have one, pour yourself a cup of tea and keep the chaos at bay. When ingested, lemongrass  tea reduces the stress hormone cortisol to relax the body and mind without causing drowsiness. Packed full of antioxidants, the herb also has natural detoxifying properties to cleanse you from within. Brew it straight, or try a tasty blend with ginger, lavender or rose petals.

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If you are feeling sick

Ginger, Chamomile or Peppermint

A Guide To Herbal Teas & What They Do

This is your official reminder that the flu season is fast-approaching. If you haven’t already booked your flu vaccination at Friendlies (Only $25, or free for HBF members!), make sure you do so. And while you’re in there – pick up a couple of boxes of Pukka’s three-mint tea to sooth any winter sniffles that do occur. When you have a cold, peppermint tea can help you stay hydrated and refreshed while settling any digestive distress. Adding a bit of lemon can give you can extra kick off vitamin C too, which is proven to support immune system functioning.

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