Art and enex go hand-in-hand

When enex swung open its doors to the awaiting public in 2009, it made a pledge to bring Perth a Home To Style.

True to our word; the last 8 years have seen coveted runway shows, VIP shopping nights, collaborations with Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and local pop-ups regularly feature throughout the centre. But the term ‘style’ isn’t solely linked to fashion; it also aligns with the realm of art.

Fashion illustration, modern sculpture, intricate origami – the artistic offerings of enex are as varied and coveted as the fashion we provide. We’ve seen Perth’s fashion darling Pippa McManus showcase her ‘In Bloom’ exhibition, perused through the illustrations of internationally acclaimed David Downtown and marveled in the delicate paper sculptures of Zoe Bradley. But there are a few artists who may of slipped under your radar.

Reconnect with a favourite exhibition or installation as we catch-up with the past and present artists of enex.

Brett Coelho

If you’ve popped into Phi Yen for a hearty bowl o’ Pho, it’s likely you came face-to-face with Brett’s recycled timber and signage wall. Part of the centre since we opened our doors in 2009, the construction themed installation has been a daily dining companion to hungry Perth workers, shoppers and travelers alike. Turns out company and conversation over lunch wasn’t too bad either, with architects and designers deciding to integrate the piece into our recent food podium upgrade. Raise a glass, and here’s to another 8 years!

Facebook: Coelho & Co 

What Brett’s doing in 2017: Based in Melbourne, Brett is the mastermind behind Coelho & Co – a studio workshop creating everything from custom furniture to artistic lighting solutions.

Rose Skinner

Rose Skinner’s self-confessed ‘bubblegum aesthetic’ was on full display for her 2009 enex exhibition Falling From Cloud Nine. Reusing discarded plastic objects, acrylic resin membrane, climbing frame, wicker, paint and candy, her piece wouldn’t have been out of place in both a post-apocalyptic world and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Chaotic and slightly unsettling, you still find yourself drawn into the overriding sweetness of it all.

Instagram: @rose_skinner

What she’s up to now: In 2013, Rose founded the Children’s School of Contemporary Art ( CSoCA).  Running workshops for ages 5 – 15, children are encouraged to discover their creative potential under the guidance of working artists and industry-experienced designers.


Shiny, convoluted and thoroughly modern – Korban/Flaubert’s stainless steel sculptures have stood the test of time. Hanging over the food podium like futuristic sentinels, the affectionately named ‘noodles’ have intrigued shoppers with their metallic whimsy since 2009. Following the installation, artists Janos Korban and Stefanie Flaubert achieved lift-off in the world of sculpture – exhibiting everywhere from Bondi Beach to New York. No word yet on whether they are taking commissions for custom-built and artistically-designed intergalactic spaceships. 

Instagram: @korban_flaubert

On where they find inspiration: With backgrounds in architecture, metalwork and sculpture it’s no surprise creative sparks flew into the artistic realm. Janos and Stefanie take inspiration from energy, movement, action and unpredictability.

Nicole Andrijevic

Hold up and step away from the rabbit hole; it turns out you don’t need to take a tumble to find wonderland – just a few bucket-fulls of colourful sand instead! While the majority of us can’t construct a basic sandcastle by the beach, Nicole Andrijevic skillfully used multi-coloured sand, glitter and everyday craft objects to create a mini wonderland for her 2009 installation. Just how she tamed the finicky substance into a work of art is another story, and we most definitely haven’t ruled out some form of magic.

Hang on, her work looks familiar: Along with fellow Perth artist Tanya Schultz, Nicole was a founding partner of Pip & Pop. While she left the artistic collaboration in 2011 to pursue a career in another industry, Tanya continues to create eclectic and immersive installations.

enex100 Launch Campaign Installation 2009

When redevelopment plans were put forward in 2004 for a new inner-city shopping precinct, the name approved by both ISPT and the City of Perth was Century City. Somewhere during construction, the agreed upon name changed in favour of enex100 – deriving from the motto “enjoy and expect the unexpected”. With this motto in mind, it was really no surprise that the artistic installation for the centre’s launch in 2009 was a ever-so-slightly, beautifully offbeat. Choosing the most striking and curious colour of them all, oversized orange fashion, food and lifestyle objects were scattered throughout the centre.

How we’ve changed: While we still celebrate the unexpected, our offerings have evolved. As the people of Perth have grown to demand more interesting and luxe shopping, we took this onboard and grew alongside. Moving forward, we strive to be Perth’s Home To Style – bringing the people of the West Coast an eclectic and coveted mix of fashion, food and lifestyle.

enex Launch Exhibtiion – Styled by Jenn Hiller, Creative Director of Style 4 Sale – Images by Fabrizio Lipari

And not to forget

Eve Young’s adorably-quirky reclaimed wood wall by Delisio. In recent years, Eve moved away from sculpture to focus on portraiture. Find her on instagram at @awinterseve.

   Paul Caporn’s one-colour monument; an ode to both Tonka Truck imaginings and society’s obsession with plastic. Represented by Turner Galleries in Perth, Paul is still tinkering away. See what he’s been up to on his website.

Bennett Miller’s desire to bring the outside in has held up. In 2013, he began a ongoing project with the popular Splendour In The Grass music festival.

Johanna Borger x