Photo by MIMCO featuring Nadia Bartel

We’ve decoded wedding wear.

Like the majority of people in the world with a beating heart, I love watching people tie the knot.The infectiously romantic atmosphere, the open bar, the excuse to spend three hours browsing through all the trinkets at Pigeonhole for perfect wedding gift. Are they fun? Yes. Does that make them any easier to dress for? Oh boy, no.

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be a tricky task, and one often accompanied with a slight hint of stress. Whilst it’s not your big day, it is for a loved one – and you don’t want to spend it in discomfort from either poor wardrobe choices or the dagger-eyed gaze of a miffed bride. (No floor-length white lace gowns next time, got it).

Avoid any nuptial faux pas; here’s 9 things to consider when getting dressed.

1. Where will it be held?

It’s time to actually read that invitation you took out of the envelope, briefly skimmed and stuck to the fridge approximately 8 months ago. Will the ceremony be inside, or outside? Is it being held at a fancy beach-side yacht club or in a relaxed, suburban garden? Whatever the case, make sure your outfit makes sense for the venue. For example; if it says 11am a St Barnaby’s church, probably best to avoid high hemlines, plunging v-necks or I heart Scientology t-shirts.

2. Carry on question: will grass be involved?

The kryptonite to all high heels. Save yourself the anguish of trying to explain to the groom’s judgemental aunt that no, Judy, you’re not stumbling because you’ve had too many glasses of wine, the terrain is just a little unstable. Regardless of how cute those heels are, it’s never going to be worth the hassle. Or the face plant into the hydrangeas.

Try these walk-able alternatives:

Aaronita ($159.95) – Nine West; Amble Espadrille ($149) – MIMCO; Dane Sandal ($129.95) – Nine West

3. Who’s going to be there?

If there’s a guest-list full of conservative family members or you need to make a good first impression within your significant other’s social circle, keep this in mind when getting ready. Do you need to keep it demure, or do you have the O.K to let your hair down? If the latter is true, this leads me to:

4. How hard are you planning to party?

If you mischievously raised an eyebrow and cocked a half-smile (a.k.a a strong yes) then I suggest refraining from any outfit that is white, delicate or particularly difficult to get back on after a trip to the bathroom (see: rompers). Movability is also another big thing – so before you commit to buying anything, ask yourself this question: can I do the macareena in this?

Dresses to dance the night away in:

Kate Star Wrap Dress ($129.95) – Decjuba; Miranda Dress ($89) – Dangerfield; Eden Wrap Dress ($159.95) – Decjuba

5. How formal is it likely to be?

Go back to question 1 and read that invitation. Rocking up at a cocktail party with a full-length ball gown is the wedding equivalent of Elle Woods arriving at the Harvard Law mixer in a bunny costume.

6. Will an old flame be attending?

Oh look, someone slipped and left this gallery of incredibly smouldering outfits laying here.

‘Oh this old thing’ dresses:

Marciano Beldon Bandage Dress ($289.95); Marciano Keslyn Dress ($269.95); Marciano Tonya Bandage Dress ($269.95) – All GUESS

7. Will it be conservative/ will your mum be attending/ will it likely get cold later?

The answer for all these are the same: pack a cardigan.

8. What’s your budget for a new outfit?

If it’s bordering on nil, that doesn’t mean your outfit can’t still ooze “special occasion”. Add a striking piece of jewellery to a tried-and-trusted outfit and we promise no-one will even notice you’ve been wearing the same little black dress to the last three weddings you posted about on instagram.

Level-up your outfit with some bargain bling:

Statement Necklace ($19.99), Coin Statement Necklace ($29.99), Boho Necklace with Tassel ($17) – all from Colette.

9. Are you getting married at this wedding?

Then wear your swimsuit, obviously.

Jonanna Borger online contributor for Enex Perth