Being healthy involves more than not eating too much chocolate and downloading a few healthy recipes for dinner. It’s about finding a balance and looking after your mind and body.

When was the last time you stepped inside a chemist and asked for advice on vitamins, or ways to boost your immune system? There are health professionals at Friendlies Chemist who can give you guidance, a health check or just a few tips on staying healthy for the rest of the year. The team at Health Kick are also vitamin experts and can help you on your way to feeling better, inside and out. It could be as simple as taking some Vitamin C.

I have one word for you. Reflexology. Relieving your muscles of tension and stress will benefit your body and your mind. Shen’s Massage will work on your sore muscles with traditional and modern Chinese massage techniques. Having reflexology on your hands and feet will quickly ease any tension from the day.

lululemon are big believers in looking after yourself and support a free running group called The Perth Run Collective every Tuesday night from enex. The team meet in store and then hit the city pavement for a walk/jog/run that releases tension and clears the mind, not to mention taking one more step towards feeling fitter.

Clare Ryan x