Were you there? Artists who’ve exhibited at enex

28•5•17 Johanna Borger

Art and enex go hand-in-hand When enex swung open its doors to the awaiting public in 2009, it made a pledge to bring Perth a Home To Style. True to our word; the last 8 years have seen coveted runway shows, VIP shopping nights, collaborations with Telstra Perth Fashion Festival and local pop-ups regularly feature throughout the centre. But the term…

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Staple Pieces For Any Winter Wardrobe

17•6•17 Johanna Borger

Just what is a ‘Wardrobe Staple?’ A ‘staple’ is an enigmatic and misunderstood term used by pretty much every fashion publication this side of pluto….

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Here’s What Happens at an Enex Styling Session

08•6•17 Johanna Borger

My wardrobe has a serious case of winter blues. It’s sad to admit, but I’m wearing the same uninspiring outfits day-in day-out. Lacklustre sweaters, badly…

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These 4 Fashion Trends Aren’t Going Anywhere

05•5•17 Johanna Borger

Love it or hate it, they are here for the long run. Much like the seasons and Justin Timberlake’s singing career, trends come and go….

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5 Must-Have Shoes You Might Not Have Considered.

21•4•17 Johanna Borger

Who said summer has to have all the fashion fun? It’s easy to fall into a styling rut when the weather is being disagreeable. Between…

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Suit Up: Dressing For Success Works

13•4•17 Johanna Borger

What you wear in the office means more than you think. According to studies by Yale University, dressing in a fitted suit or blazer for work…

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Easter Essentials Guide

28•3•17 enex

Easter is just around the corner and we all know this time of year can be busy for so many reasons… Whether you’re busy working…

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