Every Woman is Different – and So is Their Choice in Accessories.

Audrey Hepburn had her pearls, Brigitte Bardot had her schoolgirl hair-bows, Marilyn Monroe had her diamonds. Three different women, three different choices in accessories and one common thread: all are regularly found on ‘iconic women in fashion’ lists.

Everyone has a fashion item they are associated with, so sit down and have a ponder. Aside from conquering the world with your unmatched witty intelligence and charm, what fashion accessory will you claim as your identifier? What will friends point out in a jewellery cabinet and exclaim ‘that’s so you?’

This is far from the age old silver-vs-gold debate. It’s deciding whether you’re minimalist, modernist, opulent, extravagant or – best of all – a combination of all four.

Not sure where you fit? Read on and find our what accessory style best identifies you.

What Your Choice In Accessories Says About You.

You’re A Minimalist If:

You believe less is more.

Minimalist jewellery is the true 007 of the accessories world. Much like James Bond swanning across the hotel foyer with a martini in hand, at first glance minimalist jewellery appears simple and straightforward. Delve a little deeper though and you’ll discover the rouse. Clever cuts, thought-out design and enduring elegance are all part of a hidden intricacy. Plus – you never know if that golden hoop earring is actually an ear-piece to communicate with Scotland Yard HQ.

Sterling Silver Double Chain With Fresh Water Pearl – Yellow Gold ($55); Sterling Silver Double Hoop Threaded Earrings – Rose Gold ($40); Both by Bianko and available from HATCH

What Your Choice In Accessories Says About You.

You’re A Modernist If:

You’re constantly searching for the next big thing.

Always ahead of the curve, your curious mind is always focused on the future. ‘Different’ doesn’t phase you; at restaurants, you’ll choose the most obscure item on the menu and your work colleagues praise you for solving problems creatively. So when it comes to accessorising, you need pieces that fuel your insatiable desire for innovation and exploration. The best-of-the-best. The latest release. Things that wouldn’t look out of place in Vogue 2036.

Micra Flip Case for Iphone 7 – MIMCO ($89.95); Fitbit Alta HR Activity Tracker – JB HIFI ($169); Fine Geo Dangle Earrings – Decjuba ($19.95)

What Your Choice In Accessories Says About You.

You’re Opulent If:

You believe there’s a high chance you were a Byzantine empress in a past life.

You’re drawn to jewels that wouldn’t appear out-of-place in a couture collection or museum. Your go-to rainy day flicks are costuming marvels like Marie Antoinette, Anna Karenina and Alice in Wonderland. Mesmerised by anything brimming with character and dripping in charm, you’re constantly on the lookout for an enchanted necklace to send you back in time. So far, very little luck.

Estate Necklace – MIMCO ($349); Kalix Wide Ring with Palladium Plating- Swarovski($399); Future Ring – Swarovski ($139)

What Your Choice In Accessories Says About You.

You’re Exaggerated If:

You’re entranced by Wes Anderson films.

To you, accessories aren’t yawn-able baubles to quietly mesh into your outfit. They’re a roller-coaster of visual stimulation created with the intent to confuse, mesmerise and command attention in a crowd. If you were an animal, your friends say you would be a peacock – unafraid to flaunt your colours (and sometimes a little frightening). You’re not too sure though. ‘Winged Pegasus’ always seemed so much more accurate.

Supermoon earrings – Gorman ($49); Gisele Pierced Earring Jackets in Green – Swarovski ($179); Far-Ring-Don Ring – MIMCO ($79.95)

Johanna Borger x 

Header image: Bianko Jewellery. Available at HATCH.