Move over balayage, there’re some new trends in town.

Growing up, I lived in a country town so tiny that the most anticipated event on the social calendar was the end-of-year primary school play. While this all sounds super quaint, a noticeable shortage of hairdressers meant that during my childhood and teens, a trip to the salon was essentially a bar stool in the kitchen with a towel draped over my shoulders. So imagine my complete state of awe when, at the age of 17, I finally found myself seated in a proper hairdressing salon. It was a pivotal moment in my year 12 life. I finally upgraded from one-length hair to the world of 2011 fashion – An Ashley Tisdale side fringe.

Four years later, my enthusiasm for High School Musical haircuts has thankfully waned but the joy I felt on that first trip to the salon still lives on. The hairdresser is a sort of spiritual sanctuary for those of us too busy for meditation or too poor for a luxe yoga retreat. For a few hours, the only thing that matters is catching up on the latest Meghan Markle/ Prince Harry gossip while you transform into a powerfully hairstyled woman. Ah yes; so much better than a stage of 10-year-olds singing out of tune to Grease lightning.

Whether you’re after a drastic new do or a no-fuss cut, we’ve got your complete visual guide to the hair trends set to be huge this Season.

Blunt Textured Bob

What To Ask For

 A blunt bob cut with choppy layers built in

Finally, a hair trend that is actually recreatable in real life (looking at you undercuts, grey bleaching and Princess Leia buns).The blunt textured bob (BTB) is possibly the most fuss-free hairstyle you’ve had since your Mum selfishly stopped plaiting your hair for school in the 1st grade (I have to do my own hair? The nerve of it all). Completely workable with any colour hair, the key to nailing this look is to pack in texture with a spray or volumising mousse. If you want a wavier look; try working in curls from a barrel hair curler.

The Products

Spritzing dry shampoo or a texturizing spray on your roots and scrunching through will give you that sexy, tousled look. We recommend: Osis+ Dust It Volume Powder ($16.99; Salon Express) or their Volume Up Texture Spray ($18; Salon Express).

Ice Blonde


What To Ask For

Ice or white blonde colouring

It’s been four years since Frozen was released onto the world. While the musical renditions of ‘Let It Go’ have stopped (thankfully), I can’t help feeling that a little bit of the obsession has stuck around. Case and point: ice blonde hair.

Luckily, this look is less misunderstood-tundra-princess and more easy-it-girl-cool. Toeing the line between looking both natural and supernatural, it’s subtle enough to be deemed office appropriate but overstated enough to make you feel like a rebellious, level-upped version of yourself. But beware; regular maintenance and care is non-negotiable. Visit Salon Express for regular root touch ups every 5 to 6 weeks.

The Products

Ice blonde hair requires a level of care and tailor-made nourishment that supermarket brands can’t match. Keep an eye out for products specifically for cool toned blonde, like Salon Express’s range of BlondeMe shampoo and hair masques. They’ve been specially formulated to repair strands, visually brighten highlighted blonde and ward off any warm tones that give off that unwanted orange tinge.

Parisian Bangs

What To Ask For

Bangs cut above the eyebrows, slightly longer at the temples, and blended into the length. If you’re a risk-taker, pair it with a boldly short chop.

Flatteringly framing your face and adding depth, Parisian bangs is the hairstyle your 5-year-old self set out to achieve all those years ago with that pair of craft scissors. While the response she received from an incredulous parent was less than ideal, when done right the public reaction to bangs is much more approving. Stats show that parisian bangs increase your sophistication levels by 140% and your desire to eat croissants by the river Seine by 89%*. And we can’t argue with math now, can we?

* Stats are the biased opinion of the writer. However, I passed high school maths so you should definitely just trust me on this.

The Products

If you have thin hair, blow drying with radial brush will add volume. This medium sized radial brush from Lady Jayne ($12; Friendlies) will get the job done without costing you a fortune and the Limited Edition Pink GHD Hair Dryer (Salon Express) is a worthy investment. A good dry shampoo will also add oomph on those days in between washes ($10; Woolworths)