If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that my New Years will be organised at last minute.

Like the changing of the seasons or that the end of December will bring a fresh set of 12 months, my disorganisation is something you can predict year-in, year-out. I could write something here about it being one of my resolutions, but at this point I’m just going to embrace it as a quirky (yet often frustrating) part of my personality.

But another sizeable chunk of who I am would refuse to pass up a chance for dancing the night away. So, while I definitely will be boogieing at 12:01am, the lead up to the event (and the acquisition of my New Years outfit) will likely proceed something a little like this:

3:30pm, Friday 3rd November

Death by spreadsheets. Attention span bordering on nil as Beloved-Work-Friend approaches cubicle. After a quick discussion of the days important occurrences and discoveries the following conversation ensues:

Beloved-Work-Friend, henceforth referred to as BWF: What are you doing for New Years?

Me, unorganised and hermit-y: I find it difficult to plan my day in advance, let alone a month, so probably nothing. Will possibly order a vegetable curry.

BWF, a well-connected dancing queen: Well, I know of this event that you should come to. Shall I book tickets?

Me, relieved I’m not in charge of planning: Brilliant! Count me in.

Send BWF money for tickets. Continue to google Excel productivity hacks and immediately forget the entire aforementioned conversation occurred.

12:41pm, Tuesday 14th November

Briefly remember New Years plan and book in to get makeup done at Napoleon Perdis. All big nights out deserve something more striking than my default it-looks-like-I-am-not-wearing-any-makeup-because-I-am-not routine.

Napoleon Perdis Makeup Services – Beginning at $60

6:03pm, Thursday 28th December

Emerge from the Christmas food hangover and subsequently check for next food-and-drink related holiday. Realise New Years is approaching. Realise I’ve missed the deadline for ASOS online shipping. Panic levels 6/10. Order emergency vegetable curry.

7:14pm, Thursday 28th December

The calming properties of the vegetable curry take affect.

7:30pm, Thursday 28th December

Visit wardrobe to take stock of what I have, what will be dance-floor appropriate and what will be wardrobe-malfunction proof in the extremely likely event of 4+ glasses of prosecco.

8:54pm, Thursday 28th December

Silently curse my practical approach to purchasing new clothes. Have 3 blouses in varying shades of white but only one dramatic, deep v-neck which seems to be falling apart because I bought it online for $7 and wore thrice.

Question how I’ve managed to dress myself for the past 20 years.

Wonder if mum still has the fairy dress from grade 5 that I LOVED and wore everyday for 7 months.

10:15pm, Thursday 28th December

After face-timing mum for confirmation on the fate of the fairy dress (now in my younger cousins dress-up box) I decide that I will, instead, hit the shops tomorrow.

Binge watch Gossip Girl for outfit inspiration whilst simultaneously browsing Google for my favourite Met Gala frocks.

Congratulate myself on tremendous multi-tasking skills.

12:47pm, Friday 30th December

Begin the shop. Do I want to wear:

– Something that make me feel like an exotic bird (a.k.a Gorman)?



last minute new years outfit


Super Cosmic Shift Dress ($549.00); Canvas Silk Pant ($249) and Canvas Cami ($169); Dalia Skort ($229); Treasure Rocks Pants ($199); Stripe Dress ($269) – All Gorman.


– Something slightly more subdued?



last minute new years outfit

Kate Spot Print Wrap Dress – Decjuba ($129.95); Peta Cross Front Playsuit – Decjuba ($109.95); Eden Split Sleeve Wrap Dress – Decjuba ($159.95); Orlando Ruffle Dress – GUESS ($129.95); Ring Dress – GUESS ($139.95)


– Maybe a not-so-simple LBD + accessories?

Only Chance Dress – Alannah Hill ($349); Pia Wrap Dress – Dangerfield ($88);  Alexi Ponte Off Shoulder Dress – Decjuba ($139.95);
 Beaded Metal Bar Fan Necklace – Colette ($21.99); Bead disc 55mm Hoops – Colette ($9.99);  Multi Shape Statement Earrings – Colette ($12.99);  Star Fabric Tassel Earrings – Colette ($14.99); Binary Drop Earrings – MIMCO ($129) ; Hoop Fan Tassel Earrings – Colette ($14.99); Last Cuff Wristwear – Colette ($17)


And once that’s sorted, I move to the next question: how will I carry around my lipstick, bank card and emergency snacks?




Nightlife Envelope Clutch – MIMCO ($249); Daydream Medium Pouch – MIMCO ($99.95); Ismay Clutch – Nine West ($89.95)


Almost complete.

Final addition is shoes that will comfortably keep me dancing even when very, very tired.


Lumineer Heel – MIMCO ($299); Norvella Heel – Nine West ($149.95); Glauser Mule – Nine West ($149.95); Chrysalis Heel – MIMCO ($299)

3:29pm, Friday 30th December

With 3+ shopping bags (each containing a healthy selection of fun fabrics and sparkle) I head into LA Nails to get my hands ready for all those inevitable ‘cheers to 2018!’ instagram boomerangs of clinking glasses.

6:01pm, Friday 30th December

Arrive home in a state of satisfaction. Call BWF and confirm I am ready for the New Years celebration (and swap stories of family Christmas mishaps).

Arrange to meet for pre’s-and-cheese on Sunday and say goodbye.


6:02pm, Friday 30th December

Order a vegetable curry.

Joanna Borger - online contributor at Enex Perth