During 2007 – 2015, Janie Bryant was one of the hardest working costume designers in LA.

Janie, the head costume designer of the 1960s based drama Mad Men, designed, sourced and hired hundreds of 50s and 60s threads for the vibrant characters on the show. Selecting 20 of her favourite costumes from the series, Janie curated Mad for Fashion – an exhibition displayed at enex to celebrate the launch of the Spring Summer 2012 season.

Elegance dominated the exhibition, with the cut and colour of every costume carefully selected to suit each character. On display were house wife Betty’s soft full skirted dresses, working woman Joan’s tailored dresses and Don Drapers spectacular suits.

As part of the exhibition, if shoppers spent $200 or more on fashion or beauty at enex in one day, they were able to receive a free copy of ‘The Fashion File’ by Janie Bryant.

Exhibition hosted October 7-30 2011.