The age-old dilemma: you want to get fit, but hate running. We show you how to turn your aversion to jogging into a long-lasting relationship.

Often, running isn’t love-at-first-stride. Your first run can be difficult – it can hurt, it can be lonely, it can make you never-again want to lace up those jogging shoes. But do you know what is fun? Your second run, and your third, and your fourth. Feeling yourself get stronger, watching yourself go further – now that’s fun.

Here are our top tips to put the magic back into your run:

1. Forget the past – Whatever feelings or fears you associate with running, leave them behind! Forget how fast you were as a child, and forget the netball coach who made you run laps for punishment. Being a runner isn’t about skill or speed – it’s a mindset. Embrace the present.

2. Get Lost – Don’t find a sterile gym atmosphere appealing? Hit a bush track in Kalamunda, or go for a run in a cool neighbourhood that’s peaked your interest. Explore, opt for the unknown.

3. Borrow a dog – even if you don’t have one, do a friend a favour and take their pooch for a run. Let your furry, four-legged friend lead the way (and don’t forget to stop often for cuddles and throw-and-catch!)

4. Pump up the Jams – spend some time before your run compiling the ultimate run playlist. Our top picks are Sweet Nothing – Gabrielle Aplin, Single Ladies – Beyonce, Hollaback Girl – Gwen Stefani, Thrift Shop – Macklemore.

5. Treat yo’ Self – Sometimes, there’s nothing like new gear to get you going. Thankfully, Lululemon has a wide range of funky (and functional) threads for you check out.