A Healthy Relationship With Food Should Never Be Completely Restrictive.

Here’s a sentiment no-one voices enough: the work week is hard enough without having to constantly count calories. Yes, eating mindfully is important – but when it’s 3pm on Friday and you’ve been nibbling dutifully at carrot sticks for 4 days straight, it’s perfectly okay to cut yourself some slack. While we’re all on a mission to be healthy, we need to remember to keep our relationship with food healthy and not a restrictive, all-consuming preoccupation.

Sometimes, a doughnut is just what you need. So exhale, and let yourself indulge a little. Beautifully presented sugary treats give you a special sort of satisfaction, and one that you can’t get from a 1-hour pilates class.

 When you’re ready for your work-week sugar fix, we’ve mapped out where to pick up Perth City’s top 6 afternoon treats.

(Warning: the following galleries will induce involuntary mouth-watering)

Dessert Pizza

Where to Grab Your 3pm Sugar Fix - Perth Desserts

Get it at: Delisio, ENEX

Take a stroll through Rome, Milan or Florence and you’ll notice that worship-able cake cabinets come standard in every restaurant. Italians believe that a meal isn’t over until something sweet (or dolce) has been consumed. Thankfully, Delisio stay true to tradition with their selection of indulgent treats and decadent dessert pizzas. Delicious house-made dough, layers of nutella and topped with banana and coconut. Translated directly to Italian: Bellissimo!


Get it at: Gusto Gelato, Elizabeth Quay

Gusto Gelato have dubbed their delicious product ‘handcrafted happiness’ and we’re not disputing that whatsoever. These guys take the creamy delicacy seriously; the company’s founder and chief gelatiere, Sean Lee, even graduated from Italy’s renowned Gelato University. A bevvy of inventive flavours are on rotation too, including: White Walkers (white choc, macadamia, salted caramel), My Name Is Tim (crushed tim tams with chocolate fudge with vanilla) and Golden Child (golden syrup gelato laced with pancake pieces). If you can brave the weather outside, take a stroll to Elizabeth Quay to find their signature diamond kiosk.


Where to Grab Your 3pm Sugar Fix - Perth Desserts

Get it at: The Honeycake, St Georges Terrace & Barrack St

Not sure what honeycake is? Well, imagine the nicest compliment you’ve ever received baked into a dessert. Viola, you have honeycake!  A traditional Czech delicacy, the team at honeycake make their desserts in small batches – hand rolling every layer and assembling with intervals of freshly made caramel. On top, ground walnuts and honey crumbs are scattered across.


Get them at: Top Dup Donuts, ENEX

Move over custom-friendly froyo, outrageous cupcakes and matcha-flavoured-anything; the dessert of the decade are donuts. And we’re not talking simple glaze or cinnamon sprinkled either, oh no. The people of Perth were pining for quality dough and Top Dup Donuts answered the call. Their range of gourmet donuts are so impressive we’ve all been left with astonished ‘o’ shaped mouths (until, of course, we chomp down enthusiastically on a nutella mousse creation).

Gourmet Chocolate

Where to Grab Your 3pm Sugar Fix - Perth Desserts

Get it at: Health Kick, ENEX

Despite the compelling intro to this article, there are sure to be a number of you who are thinking ‘I still can’t afford the calories’. I get it, and I wont try to convince you further, but I will say to consider Pana Chocolate. Organic, gluten-free and less OTT than the desserts popping up on instagram, this is a little indulgence that will make your kale-smoothie-sipping yoga teacher proud. In fact, teachers in all disciplines of life would appreciate this roll call. Rich and silky cacao flavours? Present! Organic ingredients? Yep, here! Added sugar? Absent again (phew).


Get them at: Woolworths, ENEX

To me, cookies fit into an exclusive collection of foods that I’ve dubbed ‘mood lifting’. Maybe it’s just a placebo effect, but there is just an indescribable inner comfort that comes from nibbling on a warm cookie. It’s on par with the healing properties of a hug on a bad day or watching a movie during a thunderstorm. While I have no official proof behind this phenomenon, I strongly suspect that the happiest people in life consume one freshly baked cookie per day. And – to continue their greatness – they don’t have to be expensive either. Pick up flavours like classic choc chip, white choc macadamia and cranberry chocolate at Woolworths for a few dollars.

Johanna Borger x