Two Things We Love: Quizzes & Our Mums

Standing in line awaiting your coffee or killing time before you have to roll out of bed? Take our fun little quiz to discover what sort of mum you’re lucky to have and what sort of present you should pick up for her this Mothers’ Day.

1.  She always suggests catching up:

A) After work for Friday night dinner in the city

B) With a few days notice; always the organiser

C) With an early morning Yoga class. BYO mat

D) Over champagne brunch & an indulgent shopping day

E) At home with a cup of tea in the garden

2. The best life advice she’s given you is:

A) Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen

B) A year from now you may wish you had started today

C) Don’t worry about the past – focus on living fully in the present

D) Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak

E) Take it all one day at a time & enjoy the journey

3. On Saturday Morning, you find her:

A) In bed. After a busy working week, a sleep in that’s well deserved

B) In her meticulously arranged study nook

C) Out at the shops picking up ingredients for something delicious and new

D)  Retelling the events of Friday’s Girls Night

E) Outside relaxing & tending to the garden

4. When you were young, she read you:

A) The Chronicles of Narnia

B) Cat in The Hat

C) Where’s Wally

D)  The Rainbow Fish

E) Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

5. In the care package she sends you is:

A) A useful $50 to go towards morning coffees

B)  A reminder to book that dentist’s appointment you’ve been putting off

C) Lots of healthy snacks & some herbal tea

D)  A book she just finished that you absolutely must read

E) Your favourite home-made biscuits and a handwritten letter

6. At school athletic events, she was:

A) Catching up with the other parents with take-away coffee

B) Volunteering to be the time-keeper

C) Up at the School early to help set up the tents

D)  The loudest cheerer from the sidelines

E) Snapping photos and forever bringing over sliced oranges

Mainly As – The Working Mum

Resourceful, smart and driven; your mum is literal #WorkGoals. A mine of knowledge, you constantly go to her for information on insurance, budgeting, career progression & what to do when your boss is being difficult. When Mothers’ Day rolls around, let her sleep in and enjoy the morning – surprising her late with a bold yet office-approved Colette tote for her daily commute.

For those of you who won’t get the chance to see her on May 14th, you can still show how much you appreciate her in the coming week. Organise to catch-up in the lunch hour – providing it’s your shout, of course!

Olivia Tassel Tote – Colette ($69.95);  Lunch at Mi Shanghai, enex

Mainly Bs – The Perfectionist Mum

When your primary school presentation night started at 6:30pm, your mum had you inside and at your seats by 6pm sharp. The sort of mum who wrote itineraries for road trips & made you double check your homework, you always wonder just what she would say after you’ve snoozed your morning alarm not once… but thrice. Let her indulge in her love of organisation with a Kikki. K yearly planner or a striking Mimco timepiece.

Leather Personal Planner Large in Red – Kikki K (On sale for $71.96); Edinburgh Timepeace – Mimco ($249)

Mainly Cs – The Always-On-The-Go Mum

For your mum, ‘seize the day’ doesn’t even begin to cut it. Whenever you meet up and ask how her day’s been, it tends to read like a 30 page report. Yoga, running errands, visiting friends, an afternoon walk – she’s a super human machine, achieving more with 24 hours than most people do in a week. If you feel like splurging: try fueling her desire for productivity by keeping her zen with a lululemon yoga mat. If you are operating on a smaller budget, go for  Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus Mist from Pigeonhole – a spritz during the day will keep her feeling hydrated & rejuvenated all day long.

The Reversible Mat 3MM – Lululemon – ($59.00); Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist – Pigeonhole 

Mainly Ds – The Fashionista Mum

She taught you everything you needed to know about the art of dressing and presentation. As a kid, you were mesmerised by the number of sweet smelling perfumes, intricate pieces of jewellery and make-up products  that sat on her dressing table. Nobody understands the true value of a good pamper session quite like her – so treat her to one! First stop, LA Nails for a shellac manicure. Second step, retail therapy with Nine West, Decjuba, Mimco or GUESS.

Gallahan in Wheat – Ninewest ($139.95); Shellac Colour, Buff & Shape Manicure – LA Nails ($30)

Mainly Es – The Chilled-Out Mum

Your mum knows that sometimes the scenic route is better than the fast lane. Relaxed and comfortable with herself, you love listening to her recount a story from another time over a freshly brewed cup of tea. She admires beautiful things, but would never consider extravagantly splashing out on herself before someone else; so do it for her! Pick up something she’ll be able to love guilt-free at Gorman or Aesop.

Buff Tailed Thornbill Cushion – Gorman ($79); Fabulous Face Oil – Aesop ($57 for 25ml)

A Little Of Everything!

Is your mum falling neatly in the middle? From Friday the 12th of May to Sunday the 14th, Woolworths will be hosting a Mothers’ Day Flower Pop-Up. Nothing says ‘I love you‘ more than a fresh bouquet of blooms.

Johanna Borger x