If you’ve been looking for a sign to shake-up your wardrobe, this is it.

With Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2017 now in full swing and spring recently entering the southern hemisphere, new beginnings and transformations are occurring every which way you look. And amongst all this renewal (in both the floral and fashion worlds), there’s never been a better time to take a good ol’ look at your wardrobe. Is everything reflective of your ‘personal brand’? Are your all-time favourite outfits starting to feeling a little dull? Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear?

If you’re inspired to update your wardrobe, let these TPFF trends guide your next shopping trip.

The Suns Coming Up

Velvet, chokers, mom jeans – the 90s revival has had reigning supreme in the fashion front the last few years. But this season, the 70s (the mellower older sibling of the 90s) is back home from their spiritual yoga retreat in the Margaret River hinterlands and ready to reclaim their seat on the style council. There’s been echoes of retro all throughout this Telstra Perth Fashion Festival season, but none more prominent yellow (note: the totally groovy amber-tinted sunnies). If you’ve been avoiding the hue for reasons relating to your skin tone/hair/not wanting to look like munchkin of Oz, I’m going to ask you to add a little Woodstock optimism to your attitude. Go on. Conquer your fears of the lemony unknown.

Get in the groove, baby: Sweet Like Jam Top from Dangerfield ($58) and Brianna Medium Tote from Colette ($64.99)

Ruffles Are Reigning

Put it on the record – I flippin’ love a good ruffle. If you disagree, I’m going to firmly yet politely ask you to shut this browser, leave the room, and then the city. Possibly consider finding a portal into a new dimension, because how can you hate the humble ruffle? What other trend can make you feel like a sashaying Flamenco dancer every time you take a step? Or perfectly adorn sleeves, off-the-shoulder necklines, skirts and even pant legs? Ruffles are flattering. Ruffles are romantic. Ruffles are the fashion equivalent of epic love poems, fluffy cheesecakes and having Kit Harington expertly braid your hair.

Join the movement: Imogen One Shoulder Top from Decjuba ($99.95) and Marciano Castelle Bodysuit from GUESS ($129.95)

Baby-Sized Bags Are Low-Key Impractical But A High-Key Necessity

It seems humans obsession with mini sized anything has made it’s way into the world of handbags. As a rule of tuhmb, adding ‘baby’ as a prefix to any object makes it instantly more necessary and adorable. Show me a full-size rabbit and I’ll nod my head and say ‘cute’. Present a baby bunny and the whole room will melt into a puddle of cooing, crying and fanning hands. The same logic applies to bags as well. They are, admittedly, a little bit of a frivolous purchase for anyone who leaves the house with more than a single credit card and muesli bar – but they’re impossible to resist. Especially when mini pom-poms are involved too.

Go on, be joyfully frivolous: Imagineer Petite Tote from MIMCO ($299) and Soph Mini Tote from Colette ($54.99)

Statement Heels Are Back (But They Also Never Really Left)

My general mantra is that if you want to feel like a powerful, level-upped version of yourself you’ve got to slip on a pair of heels. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but whenever I have on a pretty pair of elevated shoes, I am suddenly so much better at handling life. They make me hold my head higher (both literally & figuratively) and stop me from running away from all my problems (because you’re kidding if you think I’m doing anything more than a slow walk in these things).

Reach for the sky: Dannell Heel from Nine West ($149.95) and Perplex Heels from MIMCO ($299)