Just what is a ‘Wardrobe Staple?’

A ‘staple’ is an enigmatic and misunderstood term used by pretty much every fashion publication this side of pluto. We’re led to believe that staples are the bones of a wardrobe; the bare minimum any style-conscious woman should have at her disposal, whether they’re hanging in an antique Victorian closet or on a $30 IKEA clothing rack. But in recent years, the idea of a staple has become increasingly confused. Sequin skirts have been added to the mix. And metallic anoraks. Suddenly, a ‘staple wardrobe’ contains 100 different items with varying levels of embellishment.

And I say no. It’s time to stop this madness.

Bold prints, quirky cuts & interesting pieces are brilliant – they are how you bring personality to your wardrobe. But before we think about personality, we need to have the bones laid out.

  So, let’s deconstruct what a winter staple is in the easiest way possible: Google definitions. Because if Google thinks a fashion item is important enough to warrant its own dedicated definition box, you know it’s essential.

6 winter wardrobe staples – with help from Google.

 Meet your true winter wardrobe staples

If the idea of turtlenecks have you recoiling in horror over the memory of mid 90s fashion, remember that this humble garment has a lot more chic-street cred than you’ve been led to believe. After all, look at it’s ties to the undisputed queen of style, Audrey Hepburn. In her 1957 film ‘Funny Face’, one iconic scene sees her take on the Paris nightlife with nothing more than a black turtleneck and slimline pants. And if it was good enough for Audrey, you really can’t argue it.

Annalise Roll-Up Neck Top – GUESS ($69.95)

Meet your true winter wardrobe staples

Trench coats were purposely built for the trenches of World War I, so their practicality and durability goes without question. What you might not know though is that they are the perfect tool to navigate trans-seasonal dressing. Live out the last few days of sun with a trench slung over a floral dress, or layer up in style with a button-up top and chunky knit.

Marissa Military Maxi Coat – Decjuba $199.95

Meet your true winter wardrobe staples

The chameleon of the skirt family. It’s midi-length means there’s no real need for tights – just throw on a pair of your favourite winter boots or heels and go. Fabric and cut is key to pulling off this trend, and Jonte’s Column Knit Skirt has my full attention. A monochromatic colour palette satisfies all the minimalists out there, but the slight split adds an element of interest. Always love an over-achiever.

Jonte Column Knit Skirt in Black – Hatch ($210)

Meet your true winter wardrobe staples

Ankle boots? For winter? No way. While it seems obvious, a boot with good-quality material and manageable heel-height is your answer to all winter footwear dilemmas. Don’t know what to wear on a date? Ankle boot. Lost on ideas for your Tuesday work outfit? Ankle boot. Confused about what’s appropriate for your slightly-kooky cousin’s Texan-themed engagement party? Ankle. Boot.

Hatcher Boot – Ninewest ($219.95)

Meet your true winter wardrobe staples

The staple to complement a thousand styles. Before we commit to any new buy, we always mentally ask ourselves the same question: what will I wear this with? A white blouse is the exception to this rule, with its mystical ability to look polished and perfect with absolutely everything. Even that sequin skirt that attempted to pass as a staple earlier (the cheeky minstrel).

Bonnie Blouse – Dangerfield ($68)

Meet your true winter wardrobe staples

No, we’re not talking about black skinny jeans. These are proper pants; the kind of material that makes the responsible, bill paying adult side of you nod in approval. But heads-up; they have a sneaky secret. Paired with a flamboyant top and cool shoes (we recommend these), black pants can take you from stoic birthday-party-supervisor to outlandish dance floor dynamo.

Empire Rose Mod Pants – Hatch ($240) 

Johanna Borger x