At Gorman, there is a distinctive handwriting that underpins each design.

From signature off-beat prints, to strong colour palettes, Gorman is thoroughly modern. Inspired by the culture and artists that surround us, there is an element of waif-like whimsy and unexpectedness to their designs. Taking home a garment from the label is like adding a touch of other-worldliness to your everyday wardrobe.

The artistic focus of the brand is backed by numerous collaborations with Australian and international creatives. The talents of accessory designer Elke, London digital artist Camille Walala and cultural hub The Melbourne Museum, to name a few, have added to the vast creative image Gorman has cultivated over its 17 years of operation.

To address the rising levels of environmental consciousness, the Gorman organic label was introduced in 2007. Made possible by manufacturing innovations, the organic label is blended throughout the main, seasonal collections. Customers are able to make a sustainable choice without compromising on interesting design and high quality.

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