What you wear in the office means more than you think. According to studies by Yale University, dressing in a fitted suit or blazer for work can do wonders for your productivity.

In the study, 128 men aged between 18-32 were put into mock negotiations over the sale of a hypothetical factory. To see if specific kinds of clothing had any impact on closing a deal and the process of negotiations, each participant was assigned to wear either a suit, sweatpants & a white shirt, or the clothes they arrived to the study in. They were then assigned to be the ‘buyer’ of the company.

By the end of the sessions, it was found that suiting up raised participants confidence levels and increased other people’s perception of the wearer. This showed in the fictional negotiations too; with those dressed in suits recording an average profit of $2.1 million, while sweatpants only made $680,000.

So, whether you’re landing a negotiation, making a sales pitch or simply video-conferencing with business associates – suiting up gets results. But if you’re still a little uncertain on how to achieve the complete look, enex is your wing-man.

Here are our 4 universal power-dressing rules every professional male should follow to in the workplace.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Ensuring a proper fit applies to everything you are wearing; even something seemingly insignificant – like a too short tie – can throw someone off in a presentation. The answer to proper fitting is surprisingly simple; ask the sales assistant. The common assumption is that store salespeople are only there for restocking & hard-selling products.In truth, they are your own personal guide to power dressing. They can measure you for correct sizes, offer advice on fabrics and materials that will suit your lifestyle, work with your budget and – most useful of all – take the stress out of shopping. And remember: the more information you can supply them with, the more they’ll be able to help!

For those of you wanting to go further and channel your inner Don Draper, M.J. Bale provides a Made-To-Measure service for bespoke suits. Built according to your exact measurements and specifications, you have complete control over the fabric used and personalised details, including the number of buttons, lining, width of lapel and monogrammed initials. See instore for further details.

Suit Up: Studies Show Dressing For Success Works.

M.J. Bale

Pay Attention To Your Bag

A good bag is not a luxury – it’s an essential. Every professional needs a reliable bag to smartly conceal everyday work items; from conference papers and wallet to your homemade ham sandwich. To clarify, we aren’t talking about the backpack you hauled to university each day, or the bulky briefcase handed down to you by your uncle. Practical and slick, aim to find a bag with a classic structure to carry you stylishly from the boardroom to your front door for many years to come.

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Keep Shoes Polished

The good news on the shoe-front is that you don’t need multiple pairs; just a few that work well. Invest in black and brown oxfords, brogues or boots with a good leather sole and proper fit that will last the long run and fit into your wardrobe rotation. Once you’ve selected a pair that works for you, make sure to keep them in good nick. Scuffed and dull shoes suggest that you don’t pay attention to detail – so remember to regularly treat them with a shoe polishing kit.


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Keep Your Hair Neat

Be proactive with your hair – if you notice that you need a trim, chances are everyone else has noticed too. Make friends with your barber at Salon Express or Mister Cuttz and visit every 4 weeks – organising your next appointment while you are still in the salon chair. For the weeks in between appointments, maintain your cut with a high-quality shampoo & conditioner and style with lightweight putty.

And, as 2017 enters April, we are seeing no end to the facial hair trend. For those of you attached (both physically and emotionally) to your beard, don’t worry; we aren’t going to tell you to shave it off. As long as it is well-groomed, regularly trimmed and kept, facial hair can be professional. Pick up a vial of Aesop’s Shine Hydrating Oil to soften and add lustre to coarse or dry hair.
Suit Up: Studies Show Dressing For Success Works.

M.J. Bale 

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