Style Starts At Home.

Getting dressed is a personal ritual; a process as reflective of one’s inner self, as the clothes finally decided upon. Some of us plan our outfit the night before, draping garments carefully over a chair to be easily slipped on the next morning. Other’s live in a state of grab-and-go, where remembering to don matching socks is a minor miracle.

These examples are of course, two extremes. Most of us live in the landscape in between – spelunking through caverns of ‘I forgot I had this’, or mountaineering up piles of laundry. The one consistent factor across our getting-dressed adventures is that they all happen at home. 

It’s there in our private sanctuary, free from outside stimulus where our sartorial identity is formed. It’s not glossy magazines or double-tapping a post from a well-dressed social media mogul where our personality and outward appearance collide, but in those inconspicuous moments at home, shifting through our wardrobe for an outfit that suits the demands of the day. Like deciding on Decjuba basics, when you need to comfortably fly under-the-radar (#hellohangover) or choosing a crowd-commanding Gorman print for an ‘anything-goes’ summer night. Style is shaped in the halls of home.

It’s this unassuming, secluded state in which enex have drawn on for our 2018 campaign. Shot on location at the beautiful Webb Brown-Neaves display home in Swanbourne, an A-team of Perth’s leading stylists, photographers and models worked to capture the relaxed and deeply personal in-between moment of getting dressed and going out. 

From idea formulation to post-production edits, Zebra Creative orchestrated and oversaw the entire event. Having earnt their stripes on a number of other enex installations – including our 2016 Enex Goes Green installation and SS15 campaign, they have once again proven themselves as an artistic force to be reckoned with.


Returning to the shoot is enex alumni, Stirling Caulio, the face of enex’s 2017 campaign who (I’m happy to announce) still seems to be sporting his signature, extraterrestrial bad-boy look. His partner-in-crime Lillie Van Der Veen, a Busselton beauty who’s taken the Australian fashion world by storm over the past year. Both represented by Chadwick Models.

 Enex 2018 Campaign Shoot

Lilli wears: Hello Parry Wrap Top from Generics; Gala by G earrings from Generics; MIMCO watch and bracelet; Colette stacked bracelets; and Pigeonhole sling bag. Stirling wears: Politix bomber jacket; Jack London sunglasses; Lululemon T-Shirt; Jack London belt; Politix pants; and Calibre shoes.  


Wardrobe mistress and stylist for the shoot, was the talented Teagan Sewell, who breathed life into the latest designs from premier fashion houses M.J. Bale, Jack London, Politix, Calibre, Gorman, Nine West, Generics, Lululemon, Colette, MIMCO and GUESS.
All of which can be found within the three levels of enex.

Presiding over the hair and make up chair, wielding contouring brushes and a curling iron, was Hendra Widjaja. The make up was focused on radiant skin and subtle luminosity, while relaxed hairstyles were styled to highlight beautiful colour and natural texture.

 Enex 2018 Campaign Shoot

Lilli wears: Hello Parry Wrap Top from Generics; Gala by G earrings from Generics; MIMCO watch and bracelet; Colette stacked bracelets; Pigeonhole sling bag; Generics skirt; and Nine West heels. Stirling wears: M.J. Bale jacket, shirt and pants; and Dr Marten shoes from Jack London.


Fabrizio Lipari captured the scene. A celebrated Australian photographer, who has previously worked with the likes of Heath Ledger, Hugh Jackman and fashion royalty Miranda Kerr, Ruby Rose and Sarah Murdoch. Circling the shoot was videographer Nick Cooper of Apertunity, who’s behind-the-scenes footage you can watch here.

 Enex 2018 Campaign Shoot

(Left) Stirling wears: M.J. Bale jacket, shirt and pants; and Dr Marten shoes from Jack London. (Right) Stirling wears: GUESS jacket; GUESS shirt; GUCCI sunglasses from Calibre; M.J. Bale belt; and GUESS shorts.

 Enex 2018 Campaign Shoot

Lilli wears: GUESS dress; Zanthus jacket from Generics; Colette layered necklaces; and Gala by G earrings from Generics

 Enex 2018 Campaign Shoot

Stirling wears: Jack London jacket; Politix shirt; M.J. Bale belt; Calibre pants; and Jack London shoes. Lilli wears: Gorman jumpsuit; Colette necklace; MIMCO bag; and Gorman heels.

 Enex 2018 Campaign Shoot

Lilli wears: Gorman jumpsuit; and Colette necklace.

The Team

Art Direction: Zebra Creative

Photography: Fabrizio Lipari

Models: Lillian Van Der Veen and Stirling Caiulo at Chadwicks Models

Hair & Makeup: Hendra Widjaja

Video: Nick Cooper at Apertunity

Styling: Teagan Sewell

Shot on location at Webb & Brown-Neaves Display Home, Swanbourne, WA

Joanna Borger - online contributor at Enex Perth