As I write this, torrential rain is pouring down my windowpane.

The beginning of winter is a brutal tease. With days of sun and days of freezing rain evenly dispersed, you’re tearing out your hair in the morning unsure if the day will be a warm respite from gloomy Melbourne weather or exactly that.

Our wardrobes are equally as hair-tearing. While, technically, we’ve lived the same amount of winters as we have summers – it still seems like we have an endless number of cute cami’s but only one rather lacklustre sweater. We’ve lived, but not learnt; unpacking our winter wardrobes to the same trusty (yet incredibly uninspiring) ensemble; coat, pants, boots, repeat.

As you start to plan out what warm, wind-shielding clothes you need to purchase, designate some cognition to winter accessorising. The foolproof 3-piece ensemble is practical in preventing teeth-chattering, but accessories are your ticket to sartorial flavour. Think of them as little touches of chic – easy fixes to otherwise bland cold weather outfits.

Ahead are our 4 commandments for 2017 winter accessories. 

#1 Thou Shalt Match

must-have winter accessories

After years of clever clashing and print mixing, the fashion clan are beginning to favour synchronisation once more. However – this trend isn’t about mellowing down. Fabrics are still just as loud, but they are simply matching rather than contrasting. Reflective metallics, glimmering embellishment, intricate embroidery; take your pick and let your inner matchmaker run wild.

Supermicra Medium Puch – MIMCO ($99.95); Alicea Flats – Ninewest ($129.95)

#2 Thou Shalt Marvel In The Power of One

must-have winter accessories

Is it possible for an outfit to go from simple to statement in one accessory? Winter 2017 says yes, sir. Look for pieces that draw the eye with their sheer stylistic peculiarity; like Gorman’s drop-down earrings that spark a desire to inflict high-fives upon every passer-by. These wondrous accessories are little injections of happy; warming your wintery soul from the inside out better than a hazelnut latte.

Fable Earrings – Instore Only at Gorman ($59); Bumblebee Purse – Colette ($17)

#3 Thou Shalt Tie

must-have winter accessories

We’ve all got a box of single-toned, sturdy scarves that have had our back through countless insufferable winters. No-matter how durable, if they are starting to categorise as more ‘survival kit’ than ‘enviable wardrobe’ it might be the ideal time for an upgrade. Mimco’s hyde neck scarf wins on both cuteness and function; keeping that neck of yours both toasty warm and social pages style-worthy

2-Tone Spot Scarf by Princess Highway – Dangerfield (On sale for $7); Hyde Neck Scarf – MIMCO ($59.95)

4# Thou Shalt Hydrate

must-have winter accessories

The most important accessory you have is your skin. Not only is it being worn everyday but it’s kind of a necessity (to life, not just fashion). Dry skin is a common ailment of the winter months, often only noticed once we’ve taken off our gloves to cup our hot latte. Red, flaky, constricted; oh, dear skin, how could we do this to you? The age-old cure to a dull complexion is hydration – so keep those fluid levels up during the day and invest in a moisturiser that does the job properly. Napoleon Perdis’s Multi-Hydration Gel Cream is packed full of pure oils like licorice root extract and aloe vera that plump up your skin for noticeably more lively look.

Multi-Hydration Gel Cream – Napoleon Perdis ($59); H20m Waterbottle – Lululemon ($35)

Johanna Borger x