Everyone loves a rebel.

I am a firm believer that rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes I jaywalk across the road. I’ve been known to eat dessert before dinner. ‘Adrenaline rush’ is a parking ticket going 10 minutes over expiry. Look away children, I’m a bad influence.

It seems my ruffian tendencies have sunk their tendrils into fashion too. The unspoken rules of dressing have me standing hands on hips and jutting my chin out defiantly. Who are these faceless people telling me I can’t clash prints or wear navy with black? I am 22, I do my own tax return and can make a reasonable pumpkin curry. In summary: I am (reasonably) self sufficient and I should be able to wear what I want. This includes wearing double denim.

 Come join me for a gin & tonic at rebel HQ. Just break these 4 rules of fashion and never look back.

Socks With Heels

The Rules of Fashion You Should Break Immediately.

Historically, the chunky-heel-and-sock combo was reserved for the dorky pig-tailed girl in every coming of age film of the 90s. Unfairly sidelined and mocked for her dedication to homework, she’s returned 20 years later for the last laugh. You know that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where all those fashion editors cross the New York street? Where they look like elegant gazelles with impeccable outfits and lattes in hand? Pig-tailed girl is now one of them – and she’s still wearing socks with her heels. Just with more confidence.

From left: Nadia Fairfax wears Intuition Drop Earrings ($129); Women’s Very Comfy Socks (1 pack) – Woolworths ($7); Martina ($149.95) and Saar ($149.95) Shoes – Nine West 

Sequins And Metallics Are For The Evening Only

The Rules of Fashion You Should Break Immediately.

This rule, I believe, was imagined up by someone who didn’t like to have fun. Right up there with hair straighteners not being considered an essential public bathroom fixture, the ostrification of shimmery material from our daytime wardrobe is one of the greatest injustices in the fashion world. Metallics and sequins are two wonderfully versatile fabrics that not only belong in daylight hours, but they actually thrive there. Let the sun hit your sequins and watch yourself transform into a mesmerising disco ball.

From left: Stirling Bucket Bag ($550); Starlight Dress – Gorman ($329)

Always Take Off One Item Before You Leave The House

The Rules of Fashion You Should Break Immediately.

Coco Chanel got a lot of things right (see: Little Black Dress & Chanel no. 5). But in regards to advice, her infamous “before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” quote is one that I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with. Multiple accessories can look just as polished and put-together as one or two simple strings of pearls. Living proof: Kate Gaskin wearing 5 Mimco accessories and looking as sophisticated as ever.

From left: Kate Gaskin wears Perfect Pear Earrings ($79.97), Intuition Stack Ring ($129), Trance Mini Hip Bag ($299), Sweet Dream Cuff ($89.95), Dreamer Time Piece ($279); Ginger Layered Pendant – Swarovski ($149); Double Circle Drop Earrings – Colette ($9.99)

Double Denim Is A No-Go

The Rules of Fashion You Should Break Immediately.

In the early 2000s, denim-on-denim became highly offensive (I am blaming the Justin/Britney double-denim fiasco of 2001).  I’m instigating a group vote though and putting forward the motion that we all move on from this atrocity. Denim is, after all, highly forgiving (the fabric equivalent of a soft-spoken, lavender-smelling, elderly neighbour) and it really doesn’t deserve this bad wrap. It can do no wrong afterall – fitting like a glove, making you feel edgier, managing to achieve both casual and dressy with just the change of a shirt. Why can’t we wear two pieces in one outfit?

From left: Selina Bell Denim Jacket – Decjuba ($139.95); Rollas Jeans – Pigeonhole

Joanna Borger - online contributor at Enex Perth