Love it or hate it, they are here for the long run.

Much like the seasons and Justin Timberlake’s singing career, trends come and go. Because of this, it’s often difficult to gauge just which trend-of-the-moment deserves your attention (and hard earned dollars). Thankfully, you have people like me, who spend far too much time admiring other people’s outfits and far too little time being productive. This is probably why I will be consuming take-out for the 3rd night in a row instead of whipping up something with more than a 1 star health rating.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand: here are the 4 fashion trends that are refusing to budge from the style circuit.

Luxe Loungewear

These 4 Fashion Trends Aren't Going Anywhere

Lazy girls unite; this one’s for us. The trend with a thousand names – magazines have dubbed it everything from athleisure, luxe lounge and sporty chic. But for those of us who wear it, we know it simply as an excuse to dress comfortably in public. Gone are the days you’d be shunned from the Saturday morning brunch table for showing up in yoga pants. It’s a celebration of comfort and we’re all invited.

Luxe Lounge Wear from Decjuba ;Split Pullover Hoodie – lululemon ($149)

Over-The-Top Sleeves

These 4 Fashion Trends Aren't Going Anywhere

What started as a simple love affair aflare has turned into a full-on fashion takeover. Flared, puffed out, fringed, embellished; statement sleeves aren’t slowing down, they’re speeding up. Whether it’s a simple sweater or a glamorous gown, over-the-top sleeves lift the bar from ‘nice’ to ‘get my stylist on the phone, I need need this outfit.’

Cloud Blouse by Ilka – a designer Stocked at Hatch; Monroe Bell Sleeve Ponte Dress – Decjuba (On sale for $69.95)

Tied Together

These 4 Fashion Trends Aren't Going Anywhere

Work, gym, family, social life; when your life appears to falling apart at the seams, tie it back together with a chic bow. Fashion’s unlikely all-rounder, a bow-tied jumper or pair of pants are your true ‘up-for-anything’ friend. Wear them on shopping errands, to dinner or that quarterly meeting with your boss you almost forgot about. They’ll be there, for better or worse (and will not restrict your waistline if the latter requires an all-out chocolate binge).

Urbanised Jumper by Jonte Designs – a designer stocked at Hatch; Chantelle Pant – Dangerfield ($88)

More is More Maximalism

These 4 Fashion Trends Aren't Going Anywhere

Minimalism had it’s time (which, in my opinion was too darn long). Maximalism is all about ‘why not?’; add that extra layer, slip on another bracelet, swap your things from a plain black tote to a dazzling sequined one. If it’s quizzical, slightly off-centre and wouldn’t be out of place in a Wes Anderson flick, I want in. After all, fashion’s all about fun and if you’re not having it, who is?

Sanyu Heel – Nine West ($159.95); Calling Drop Earrings – Mimco ($129); Dana Kinter X Gorman Collection

Johanna Borger x