Fashion, in a sentence.

If there is a shortage of anything at fashion week, it’s time. Before the runways even kick off, months of preparation, planning, communication, problem solving, coffee-consumption and contained chaos have been bubbling away at TPFF HQ. The day of the event, attendees carefully curate their front-row outfit or throw something on in a I-am-going-to-be-so-late haste. Models patiently sit for hair and makeup. Stylists tie and re-tie belts, sashes and scarves (only to decide the outfit goes better without it) and volunteers navigate the backstage warzone like silent troopers. The music starts, designers (religious or not) say a quick prayer and the runway begins. It’s over in 10 minutes.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival trades on time; but it’s what puts the event in that exclusive category of hurried excitement usually reserved for travellers on planes taxiing down the runway.

Even now that TPFF has wrapped up for another year, spare time is still scarce. We’re rejoining the regular, non-sequinned and hairsprayed world whilst still trying to make sense of what we’ve seen. So, instead of trying to hold your attention for a distractingly long stretch of time, I’m going to sum up everything I saw/felt/thought for the collections on the 2017 enex runway in 3 sentences.

Cleanse your palate – here are my bite-sized reviews of the enex spring collections.


Suspected inspiration: the part of a venn diagram where ‘cool’ and ‘wearable’ overlap.

Suitable for: the ambitious and aspirational – the people who work hard, constantly surprise and need their clothes to do the same.

Strangely reminds me of: that rare breed of people who impress without trying to.


Suspected inspiration: a minimalist city-slicker went down south for a weekend and accidentally returned with 95% of the state’s flora.

Suitable for: a) the risk takers, b) chic botanists and c) anyone who’s going birdwatching and needs to blend in with the springtime terrain.

Strangely reminds me of: my veggie garden (that I’ve forgotten to water for the third week in the row. #BRB).


Suspected inspiration: the bachelors tent at a polo game.

Suitable for: aforementioned bachelors.

Strangely reminds me of: how much I love polo.


Suspected inspiration: the awkwardly palpable attraction between two first-daters at the 1950s drive in. Neither have any idea what’s happening on the screen.

Suitable for: staying out past your curfew in summer.

Strangely reminds me of: enex’s Mad Men exhibition, ice cream sundaes, vinyl and rustic springtime weddings where the groomsmen have fun socks.


Suspected inspiration: sneaking into your parent’s room to go through your mum’s jewellery box.

Suitable for: when you want to be Audrey Hepburn classic but also Karlie Kloss cool, simultaneously.

Strangely reminds me of: this article on accessories.


Suspected inspiration: a modern reboot of Tarzan and Jane.

Suitable for: young english aristocrats on safari in Kenya. They’ve most likely dated Prince Harry at some point and tend to drop words like gregarious, undoubtedly & cumbersome into conversation – a lot.

Strangely reminds me of: everything my Australian upbringing was not (but so desperately wanted to be).


Suspected inspiration: a lesson in how to reconsider wardrobe basics (Little Black Dress? Add polka dots. Plain blouse? Add ruffled sleeves).

Suitable for: anyone with space in their wardrobe (these are the new, non-negotiable essentials).

Strangely reminds me of: that one person in the cafe at Saturday brunch who is always dressed slightly better than me.

Colette by Colette Hayman

Suspected inspiration: Blair Waldorf’s personal handbag collection.

Suitable for: sitting on the steps of the Met, lunch at the plaza, climbing into your chauffeur driven limousine & other casually-ostentatious activities.

Strangely reminds me of: the need for a Gossip Girl binge. See you all in 7 weeks.

Jack London

Suspected inspiration: Harry Styles in fashion form.

Suitable for: cultivating a misunderstood, devilishly-handsome, London bad-boy image.

Strangely reminds me of: low-key boyband betrayal.


Suspected inspiration: Saturday afternoon cocktail parties by the beach.

Suitable for: looking elegant when you’re working a room (even when you’re actually just hunting for the mini pulled-pork sliders that are rumoured to be circulating).

Strangely reminds me of: beautifully body-confident women, who laugh freely & compliment you on your earrings in the bathroom line.


Suspected inspiration: Things that you don’t expect to pair together beautifully but just do (e.g electric blue & floral prints, maltesers & popcorn, Snoop dogs & Martha Stewart’s friendship).

Suitable for: anyone who likes to throw the rulebook out the window & drive off into the unknown with a steely, James Dean gaze.

Strangely reminds me of: the mischievous youngest son of a well-off upper east side family.