Office supplies so functional & fun you may never want to leave your work desk again.

Whether you love your job or simply love the paycheck it provides, you spend a good chunk of your week at your work desk, so it pays to make it a space you thrive in. Boost your productivity and keep your sanity levels intact with these 9-to-5 desk hacks.

However, there is a sinister catch: accessories this cute are likely to inspire stationery burglars. Or worse, office copycats.

1. Water Bottle

Is 2017 – do we really need to continue preaching the health and beauty benefits of good hydration? If you are someone who constantly forgets to refill your glass of water, keep a water bottle in eyesight to encourage frequent sipping. Fill it in the morning, leave it by your work space and you’ll soon reap the miraculous benefits of H2O, including clearer skin, increased energy levels & Blake Lively worthy tresses.


Luxe Water Bottle – Decjuba ($14.95), H2Om Waterbottle – lululemon ($35.00)

2. Afternoon Tea

Where coffee is the saviour of the morning, herbal tea is the lifeblood of the afternoon. When 3pm rolls around and energy levels wane, reach into your draw for a dose of Generics Chillax tea. Infused with chamomile, lavender and spearmint leaves, this healthy brew will help you perk up and de-stress to finish off the report that was due on your boss’s desk approximately 3 hours ago.

Useful Bits & Bobs To Keep On Your Work Desk

Generics Organic Chillax Tea – $19 for a small flask 

3. Florals & Plants

Research continously links the presence of greenery in the workplace with a more positive psychological state. Cubicle-friendly plants that can be found at your local nursery include lilyturf, devil’s ivy, cornstalk dracaena and sansevieria. And if you are someone who struggles to keep even the most basic indoor plant alive, you still have options! The Little Posy Co can send a bunch of blooms straight to your door.

4. Trinket Tray

Keep clutter at bay with a quirky trinket tray. The coconut oil of the stationery world, this unsuspectingly versatile little ceramic plate has endless uses. Store away your jewellery, stationery, beauty kit essentials and to-do memos so effectively that your boss will be impressed.

Useful Bits & Bobs To Keep On Your Work Desk

Creative Trays 2PK – Kikki K ($19.95)

5. Emergency Snacks

Because let’s face it – there’s no way anyone can get through a 9-5 day without at least one hit of chocolate.

From left: Ferrero Eggs in Hazelnut ($5.50); Wallaby Chocolate Bites Orange Almond & Coconut ($4.45); The Healthy Snack Company Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas ($4.40). All available at Woolworths

6. Earphones

For when the office music mix goes a little too old school for your liking or a creativity cram is required, pop in your audio fly ear buds and get your motivation playlist cranking. In the melodious (yet repetitious) words of Rihanna and Drake: Work, Work, Work, Work, Work *indecipherable babbling*. 

Useful Bits & Bobs To Keep On Your Work Desk

Audiofly AF45C In-Ear Headphones – JB HIFI ($69.99)

6. Handcream

Stuck in a reporting rut? Sit back in your chair, grab your Aesop moisturising balm and ponder the situation over a quick hand massage.  If you find the answer is still eluding you, book yourself in for a whole body treatment at Shen’s massage. That counts as a business expense, right?


Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm – Aesop (75ml for $31)

7. Cute Stationery

Life’s too short for boring stationery. Kikki K has thoughtfully supplied the antidote to drab work desk attire with rose-gold staplers, quaint hourglasses, handy weekly planners, and much, much more.

Useful Bits & Bobs To Keep On Your Work Desk

Clockwise from left: A4 weekly planner pad ($12.95); Paperclips Round 100pk ($9.95); Hourglass by Svenska Hem ($12.95). All Available from Kikki. K 

Johanna Borger x