Above: Stefan Gosatti for TPFF

ATTN: Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Is Upon Us.

I can almost smell the hairspray and backstage panic in the air. 

All across the Perth metro area, the fashion clan are silently preparing. It’s a phenomenon easy to miss – but, if you’re quiet and get out your binoculars, you can see the tell-tale signs that Telstra Perth Fashion Festival is edging closer. On the train, people are furiously pinterest-ing for outfit inspiration. Architectural (yet slightly impractical) heels are being broken in during the morning work rush. Poses are practiced in any reflective surface passed – including full length mirrors, windows & puddles.

I mean, it’s all so exciting! When else do we get to dress a little daring? Bring out our inner eclectic fashion editor? Wear that crazy vintage outfit? It’s the adult version of book week.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your fashion week outfit, take some inspiration from the VIPs we always see sitting front row.

What To Wear To Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

The Social Media Darling

They’re the one’s expertly handling iphones to get the shot – whether it requires crossing the road, candidly looking off into the distance or twirling on a busy street. For the advanced, try all three. When it comes to fashion choices, this clan will be sporting a mix of local labels (they’re friends with the designers) and on-trend pieces (which they helped make trendy). Still can’t spot them? Look for the people asking for the official event hashtag.

Shopping list:

Drop Earrings ($14.99)Colette

Navigate Heel ($229)MIMCO

Tamara A-Line Skirt ($119.95)GUESS

Donna Off-Shoulder Top ($69) – Hello Parry at Generics

Optional accessory:

Personal street style photographer and/or that Gucci belt everyone suddenly has

What To Wear To Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

The New Kid

The risk-takers. The extremists. The I-don’t-know-how-it-works-but-it-works. Studying textiles and design at TAFE, or Marketing/Events/PR at University, these kids live and breathe fashion. Their outfit probably cost the majority of their part-time retail wages but it was worth all the missed smashed avocado. They’re taking in the atmosphere with the same innocent yet exhilarated bewilderment Harry Potter had when he found out he was a wizard.

Shopping list:

Yellow Honeyeater Shift ($269) and Karen Knit ($199) – Gorman

Antonecia Shoe ($139.95) – Nine West

Fringed Earrings ($29.95) – Decjuba

Steph Petal Mini ($54.99) – Colette 

Optional accessory:

Drivers license and/or proof of age card for the bar

What To Wear To Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Fashion Week Alumni

Don’t be fooled by the bored expression – these are the people that make fashion week run. Chances are they’ve been existing on 3 hours sleep, adrenaline and about 500 coffees for the past few weeks, even months. Among the chaos they’ve slightly lost their grip on time. But at the event (half ready for the after party, half ready for an early night) their fatigue doesn’t phase their fashion choices. In their mind they just-threw-this-old-thing-on, but in our eyes they’ve carefully curated a masterpiece.

Shopping list:

Andrea White Shirt – Sonder the Label at Generics

Bengaline Full Length Pant ($129.95) Decjuba 

Sasha Pumps ($149.95)- Nine West 

Estate Brooch ($129) and Reverie Stud ($59.95) – MIMCO

Optional accessory:

Heavily tinted sunglasses and page boy bob.

What To Wear To Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

The Perthonalities

Also go by the ‘It’ Crowd and can be distinguished by the small village of paparazzi following closely on their heels. Chances are they’re a radio host or have just finished up a stint on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/MKR/The Block/Survivor. They’ll be the first to admit they don’t know a tonne about fashion, but with confidence to boot (and the help of a savvy stylist) they’ll be pulling off the risqué-est outfits. And the best dance moves at the after party too.

Shopping list:

Marciano Keslyn Dress ($269.95) – GUESS

Taina Pump ($149.95) – Nine West

Soft Chain Strap Purse ($29.95) – Decjuba

Glitter Dipped Hoops – Colette 

Optional accessory:

Nervously hovering PR manager

Want to experience Telstra Perth Fashion Festival first hand? Enex are hosting a FREE runway event this Friday 8 September 2017 at 5:30PM. Plus, visit enex this Friday fro 9AM – 9PM to experience the VIP Shopping Party!