Aesop States of Being

Date: Beginning Wednesday August 9
Location: Aesop, Hay Street - enex Perth
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States of being – Aromatique Room Sprays

Introducing Istros, Cythera and Olous Aromatique Room Sprays — three new scents formulated to transform interior spaces with aromas that revive, enliven and entrance from without, and within.

Conceived as stimulants to redefine the physical space that surrounds us, Cythera, Olous and Istros Aromatique Room Sprays are now available to discover in-store and online. Artwork by Nathalie Du Pasquier.

Just as each Aromatique Room Spray unfurls in a melody of top, heart and base notes, composer and musician Jesse Paris Smith has created three distinctive tracks to narrate the shifting journey.

See below the range.

Istros Aromatique Room Spray

A union of enlivening florals and smoky Tobacco, underscored by the embrace of Sandalwood.

Istros is a scent of what has been left behind: a street baked by heat during the day, cooled at night; tendrils of tobacco smoke long dispersed; bazaars that bear the etchings of commerce, commotion and carnival. But more than this, it is a communion with the creative spirits who have journeyed through – an energy distilled from their traces.

Cythera Aromatique Room Spray

A veil of Geranium and Incense, lent symmetry by woody Patchouli and the warmth of Myrrh.

Cythera conjures a moonlit garden as vespertine flowers relax their petals and nocturnal animals emerge from sleep. Drawing us into the present, an atmosphere of reverence is stirred as darkness returns. The air in this space holds a delicate aroma woven with the memory of the day, and the promise of the evening ahead.

Olous Aromatique Room Spray

A blend of citrus botanicals, balanced by breaking waves of Cedar and the refreshing spice of Cardamom.

Just as words are born of our breath, Olous rouses an exhalation of clipped, green aroma. Boundless as it is, nature makes its presence felt inside the home – stillness ensues. The environment is redefined to an elemental time, when life was all silence – pleasantly devoid of the babble of phone chatter, or the burring hum of the mechanical.