Visit enex Perth this festive season and experience the Imaginarium Virtual Reality!

What is Virtual Reality?

At Imaginarium, fun, three-dimensional, computer generated environments that can be explored and interacted with, with special headsets that present the content of a world to match your head movements as you look around. Our brains “read” VR media like experiences rather than media. We feel like we’re really there!

What is Imaginarium VR?

Imaginarium VR is a virtual reality experience centre in enex with 3 types of VR. The content changes monthly and we open with Mysteries of the Sea.

Shared room-scale VR: 6 people in the latest high-end VR technology, all together in the one underwater VR experience and able to move around. You will see your friend’s avatars among the fish, wave!

Motion platform VR rides: on a 6-seater motion platform, synchronised to the VR content in your headset, you and 5 others take an submersible ride and really feel every bump and turn!

360˚ video: most of us have seen videos on Facebook or Youtube that you can swipe or mouse around in a 360˚ view. At Imaginarium, 12 people at a time can experience the acclaimed 360˚documentary “Valen’s Reef” in VR headsets and AudioFly™ headphones.

Early in December our Christmas content will launch. Come help Santa’s elves pack presents and hop on Santa’s sleigh for a ride!

Is it ok for kids?

Unlike other game centres, the Imaginarium provides amazing, family friendly EDUtainment content for ages 6 and up. no zombie-apocalypse military shoot-em-ups here.


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