For the first time the enchanting tale of The Cunning Little Vixen comes to West Australian Opera.To celebrate this WA premiere production, Enex will become home to an array of exquisite costumes from The Cunning Little Vixen from Monday 25 February to Tuesday 27 March.

Be transported to the forest and head in centre to see these gorgeous handcrafted costumes designed by Tony Award Winning costume designer, Roger Kirk. From Foxes, to badgers, chickens and caterpillars, The Cunning Little Vixen installation at Enex will be a feast for the eyes for both the young and those who are young at heart.

The store will be open Monday to Fridays 11am to 2pm.



The Cunning Little Vixen opens at His Majesty’s Theatre on Saturday 21 April for 4 performances only.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the story of the Vixen, Sharp Ears, and follow her lyrical journey from youth to adulthood.

7.30pm 21, 24, 26, 28 April – His Majesty’s Theatre

Tickets at