It’s easy to lose sight of style in the clutches of winter.

Bulky coats. Scratchy fabrics. It can be difficult to find a way to feel comfortable, let alone fashionable. And we get it – when the thermostat drops it’s difficult to muster up motivation for anything other than netflix and food.

But hear our call: don’t be the guy whose style dies in winter. Bring yourself out of sartorial hibernation and make like Harvey Specter, who walks into the office with the same level of suave regardless of rain, hail or shine. The key is simply to stock up your wardrobe with stylish, fool-proof threads. Outfits that impress, but don’t take a second thought in the morning to throw on.

Here’s our list of 7 no-fuss men’s winter essentials that will keep you looking sharp without even trying.

men's winter essentials

Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring – a button down white shirt is your style saviour 365 days of the year. It’s the staple every guy’s been meaning to invest in since forever, so take this as your official reminder. Buy one, wear it everyday, never look back.

Kolin White Formal Shirt – Politix ($159)

men's winter essentials

Layering-up doesn’t mean you have to embrace bulky knits. M.J. Bale’s range of slimline knitted sweaters are made from 100% extra fine merino wool for a trim silhouette that doesn’t leave you shivering on St George’s Terrace.

Alan Heritage Arctic Knit – M.J.Bale ($249)

men's winter essentials

If denim jackets have you cringing at the memory of your late-teen years, take a step back. A big step. About 120 years actually. Denim jackets were originally designed as a durable utility garment for the men of the Wild West – and what’s more inherently cool than a cowboy?

Smiths Denim Jacket – Jack London ($169)

men's winter essentials

Whether you’re into skinny, slim, straight, taper or boot cut – no closet is complete without a couple of pairs of jeans. For winter, try a heavier fabric and a dark colour that can be worn with anything. A white tee. A printed shirt. An obnoxious moustache. Anything.

Rollas Jeans – Stocked at Pigeonhole


men's winter essentials

These brandy-coloured boots from Calibre are winter’s true chameleon. Casual enough for the weekend but still respectfully abiding of the office dress code, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more stylish shoe for roaming the rain-soaked streets of Perth City.

Doucals Brandy Boot – Calibre ($500)

men's winter essentials

For days when the denim jacket isn’t going to cut it, bring out your insulated bomber jacket. Look for a sleek, classic design that can be dressed up or down. Our guiding rule is: if it wouldn’t look out of place in the Suits costuming department, you’re on to a winner.

Emroidered Bomber – Calibre (Now $349)

men's winter essentials

Sure, that organic angora-wool scarf handwoven by monks in the foothills of the Italian alps is pretty, but after a week exposed to the elements it’s going to fall apart fast. Spend a few dollars on a less luxe but equally as stylish hard-weather scarf, like this one from Dangerfield. Be knit-picky. Pun intended.

2 Part Scarf – Dangerfield (Now $27)

Johanna Borger x