Smart and simple ways to stay warm with layering.

You know winter has arrived when you find yourself in the morning continually adding layer after layer of clothing. We have a few quick tricks to make sure you don’t get lost amongst the layers, or at least do it in a stylish manner.

1.      If it’s loose on the top, it’s tight on the bottom

When you’re wearing an oversized jumper or jacket that sits below your hips you need to be teaming it with fitted pants, jeans or a skirt.

It’s all about balance and creating a form fitting line on your body (somewhere) in the outfit. If your top half is loose and oversized and you can’t make out where your waist or hips are, then make sure your lower half isn’t also lost amongst mountains of fabric.

2.      Don’t disregard the simple tee in winter

It not only adds an extra layer of warmth, but it can add an easy layer of colour and texture to your outfit. The length, neckline, print or colour doesn’t matter, use the tee as a base and add from there. Tees look great poking out of the bottom of a jumper or layered under a shirt; add a jacket and scarf and you’re set.

3.      You need a shirt…no excuses

Any style, any colour and any fabric. As long as it’s a button-up shirt, you’re safe. There was a stage when everyone thought it had to be a chambray shirt, but that’s not the case, you can wear any shirt.

You’re using it as an added layer. How? Keep it unbuttoned and pop it over a tee or top. Then add a blazer or denim jacket as the final touch. You can also wear it buttoned-up to the neck with a jumper over it – having the collar and cuffs of the shirt popping out from under the jumper emphasises the different coloured layers and looks rather elegant.

Clare Ryan x