Calibre’s Guide To Choosing The Right Shirt Collar

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Next time you are looking to upgrade your sartorial wardrobe, remember these tips for choosing the right collared shirt for the occasion.

Whether you are shopping for work shirts or shirts for the weekend, there are 4 main things you should keep in mind: cut, colour, fabric and collar.

And today we are focussing on the latter – the collar. Often overlooked when shirt shopping, the size and shape of the collar can make all the difference between looking dapper, and looking not-all-that-well-put-together.

The dapper gents at Calibre have helped us compile this handy guide to finding out which collar is right for you. Proportion is key in choosing the right collar, as is the dress code of the event, your choice of tie and even your facial features.

So which one will you choose?


This is the most traditional choice in collar, and the most popular. The point collar is elongated so the points appear close together, meaning this is NOT the collar to pair with big European tie knots. Those with skinny faces – BEWARE. Pointed collars can make your features appear more stretch out than they actually are.


If you are looking to channel the ultimate ‘power look’, look no further than the Cutaway Collar. Perfectly paired with a well-tailored suit and a wide knotted tie, the cutaway will draw attention upwards towards your face. Stick to more conservative prints to nail that polished Harvey Spector look.


For those looking for something even more bold than the classic Cutaway Collar – the Deep Cutaway is the collar for you. Featuring a more obvious spread, this exaggerated cut calls for a well proportioned tie. Complete the look by choosing a fuller tie and a wider knot.

Keep those skinny ties and slim knots far away for this collar!


If you are looking to channel some old-school casual cool, then the Button-Down is the collar for you. The buttoned-down points of the collar make it more suited towards casual events, however it can be pushed into smart-casual territory with the addition of a tie. A word of warning – leaving the collars unbuttoned will be seen as a fashion faux-pas.

If you find yourself struggling to find the right clothing for your wardrobe, whether it be for work or play – we can help. Book a FREE 1-hour session with one of our professional stylists, who can work with you to unlock YOUR sartorial style.

Images Courtesy Of Calibre Clothing