As we enter Plastic Free July and welcome Woolworths’ ban on single use plastic bags, it’s clear that green is on track to become the new black. Embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with these eco-friendly products available at Enex.

Reusable shopping bags


Reuseable shopping bags

Woolworths’ plastic bag ban is making headlines across the country and for good reason – this initiative will remove more than 3.2 billion bags from circulation every year! Shoppers hunting for stylish alternatives to single use plastic bags need look no further than Pigeonhole.

Woven from 95% post consumer material, Blue Q Shoppers are available in a range of quirky prints and patterns, with 1% of proceeds from the sale of each bag donated to environmental initiatives.

Another great option is Loqi’s collection of long-lasting, water-resistant and washable shopping bags. They can carry up to 20kg and contain a handy internal pocket for your phone, keys and wallet.

bamboo drinking strawsTHE LAST STRAW

Although small in size, plastic straws pose a huge threat to mother nature. Used for mere minutes before being thrown away, plastic straws are destined for landfill or, even worse, our waterways where they become a danger to marine life.

Make a positive change and move away from this easy-to-avoid and difficult-to-recycle variety of single use plastic with green alternatives available at The Eco Pop Up. Select from an array of bronze, silver, glass or bamboo straws, each sold with their own cleaning brush, to help move towards a straw free future.

Woolworths has announced they will cease selling plastic straws from the end of 2018, a move they estimate will remove 134 million straws from going into circulation each year. Get ahead of the trend and embrace sustainable straws today.


Aussies have relied on plastic cling wrap to keep their food fresh for generations but in 2018 switched-on consumers are making a buzz about alternatives with a much smaller environmental impact.

Opt to store your food in reusable containers or ditch plastic products completely in favour of beeswax wrap. Naturally antibacterial and antifungal, The Products’ patterned beeswax wraps (sold in a packet of three) are a healthy and eco-friendly alternative designed to prolong your favourite produce. Available now at The Eco Pop Up.