WA raised entrepreneur and product designer Lisa Chau is a firm believer in the old adage ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’.

Agent NateurFollowing a health scare that left her reevaluating her priorities, Chau, who launched her first fashion label in 2001, knew she needed to address her work/life balance.

“I needed a major life detox,” she said of the illness that spawned her interest in all things beauty, health and wellness.

“I picked up yoga in order to cope, cut out coffee and quit using a lot of commercial soaps and detergents because they made my skin break out in hives.

“As an alternative, I began making my own aromatherapy oils, mixing natural body oils to wear and poured some as candles to burn, realising the therapeutic benefits involved. The lifestyle shift certainly changed the way I felt for the better.”

At Generics Urban Apothecary on level 2 at Enex Perth, Chau shares her passion for natural remedies that are tough on impurities but easy on mother nature.

“My team and I curate everything from skin care to beauty food, while also crafting non-toxic candles, and natural perfumery,” she explained of the concept store.

The Super Elixir

“The Urban Apothecary is a destination for lovers of plant based, non-toxic living and affordable everyday luxuries. You don’t have to be a fashionista, beauty junkie or holistic hippy to be part of our journey, nor do you need to spend a lot to embrace style and wellness.”

Home to a stable of eco-friendly beauty products and small batch skin care brands ranging from WelleCo (Elle MacPherson’s cult range of supplements), to Gypsy Elixirs, The Beauty Chef and Agent Nateur, the Urban Apothecary also offers a make-your-own perfume station and possibly Perth’s most comprehensive range of soy wax vegan candles.

“I personally pour and test every single candle and diffuser by hand, right here in Perth,” Chau revealed.

One of the most common issues she’s asked for advice on is exhaustion due to lack of sleep, for which she recommends Beauty Chef ‘sleep powder’, mixed with warm plant based milk (such as almond, rice or soy) before bed. “The fermented passionflower and lemon balm with turmeric will calm nervousness and assist in preparing your body for sleep, and for anyone who is not a fan of turmeric, WelleCo’s ‘Sleep Welle’ Fortified Tea with valerian is amazingly delicious. I like to have a sleep drink a couple hours before bed with lights down and a beautifully scented candle burning.” Chau said of her favourite sleep-support remedy.