Not only do smoothie bowls pack a powerful punch on the health front, they are also one of the most aesthetically-pleasing brunch options going.

Despite how intricate some of these creations look on Instagram, it’s surprisingly simple to supercharge your bowl with flavour-packed ingredients and fun decorations. Read on for a step-by-step guide to making breakfast that tastes as good as it looks…



Start with the base

To create a lusciously thick smoothie base, use a liquid like coconut water or almond milk and blend with frozen fruit. Woolworths Enex now sells Creative Gourmet organic acai puree and pink dragonfruit chunks, which provide a stunning, vibrant colour plus plenty of antioxidants. Other options from the range include pineapple, mango and berries, while banana is a must-have for making a creamy base.

Time for toppings

Transfer the smoothie mixture to a nice bowl and begin layering your ingredients. Some of our favourites include granola, goji berries, shaved coconut, cacao nibs, chia seeds and pepitas – many of which are infused with protein, vitamin C and antioxidants. Sprinkle these additions in a haphazard way for an effortless look, or organise them in rows to let each ingredient shine. Then place sliced strawberry or nectarine, fresh blueberries or passionfruit for some zing.

Add some pizzazz

One of the latest trends for smoothie bowls is to cut fruit into fun shapes for a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic. Fondant cutters can be found online in all manner of shapes, from palm trees to stars, hearts and letters. Soft fruits like kiwi, mango, dragonfruit and strawberry work best here, and be careful when placing them – it’s a delicate job!

Now you have a creation that looks too good to eat – almost.

All ingredients can be found at Woolworths Enex.