It’s the most anticipated fashion event of the year and the question everyone is asking is, what do I wear? Here are some quick outfit tips to get you through the hectic and fun week that is, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

What to wear

Wearing all black is always a safe and easy option, but it’s fashion week, so be a little daring.

A printed jumpsuit is bold and striking, or team fringed pants with an oversized top for a hint of drama. You don’t need to be ‘head-to-toe’ in the latest trend, just a hint will do. Embrace colour, black and white, prints, sequins and denim, and don’t forget a jacket, be it leather, denim or black, it finishes off an outfit and some of the events are outside.

Be sure to layer on some accessories. The advantage of accessories is that you can go to a show straight from work. This season favours gold and black for a chic look and a scarf is a simple way to introduce colour and another element to your outfit.

The clutch is out and the cross-body bag is the “must-have” bag of the season, leaving your hands free to take photos of the show.

Finally, anything goes! If you feel comfortable then you will look confident and be able to pull off any outfit. You never know what the runway set-up could be, so be ready to climb stairs or step over stages to get to your seat.

When you run out of time to buy a new outfit or are heading to a show at the last minute

Buy a new lipstick or get your nails done. A fresh shade of colour on your lips will instantly draw eyes to your lips and refresh an old outfit. This season is all about matte colours in rich hues, like burgundy – Napoleon Perdis does a luxe range called Mattetastic Lipstick which is divine.

Don’t just paint your nails one colour, get something creative and unique. It’s fashion week and anything goes – LA Nails offers everything from shellac to nail art which is a great way to add to an outfit.