Date: Beginning Monday November 12

Everyone needs a little sparkle…

This Christmas enex  has brought the bling with our bespoke SHINE Christmas trees, located across three levels of our centre.

Every tree has a story, so come down and take a look for yourself, and while you’re here snap a selfie in front of your favourite tree, post to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #shinewithenex and tag @enexperth to be in the chance to win a $150 enex gift card. One winner will be selected every week from 12 November to 24 December.

Also, while you’re in centre, check out our great retailers and grab some gifts for Christmas. Every time you spend $50 or over you will receive and entry form to go in the draw to win a genuine GOLD BAR from the Perth Mint, valued at over $5,000.


Inspired by the threads of Christmas and fashion during the festive season:

TREE 1 – XMAS THREADS: Hundreds of beautiful colours combining to make your Christmas best. Hand woven and criss-crossing above a mirror of gold.

TREE 2 – ENTWINED: The biggest of our three thread tree children. Entwined took a small team of Santa’s elves to cover the tree in all the beautiful threads of Christmas.

TREE 3 – EN-WRAPTURED: Like a big Christmas hug, en-wraptured uses kilometers of threads to wrap the tree frame in celebration of the festive season.


TREE 4 – MIRROR MIRROR: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all. 15 facets reflecting all the colours of the rainbow. See yourself in full colour.

TREE 5 – REFLECTION: The grand daddy or mummy of our trees. Reflection with its seven baby trees surrounding the seat for you to sit, and join this family tree.

TREE 6 – LOOKING AT YOU: As Rick fro the movie Casablanca would say “Here’s looking at you kid.” Our 60 facet tree can see all your best sides from all angles.


TREE 7 – XMAS POP: Who knew that un-popped poppadoms could look so good. Giving everyone Xmas Pop vibes!

TREE 8 – CRACKING CHRISTMAS: Eggsactly what we all need. This beautiful tree created from hand cracked, hand painted egg shells is an absolute cracker. Take egg-tra care when looking.

TREE 9 – SHINE SPRINKLES: The gold fairy bread of our trees. Hundreds of thousands or perhaps millions cover the tree and sprayed in our favourite enex colour – GOLD!

TREE 10 – PER PARADE: Hours if not days of dehydrating thinly sliced pears. Then hand dyed and placed to cover our biggest tree to create a parade of pears on this beautiful red Christmas tree.

TREE 11 – FRUITY TOOT TOOT: Summer is for fun and fruity toot toot celebrates the colour and flavours of the citrus goodness the season brings just in time for Christmas.


TREE 12 – PEAR-FECTION: The little sister of our red beauty down on St Georges Terrace, this tree made from dehydrated pears is absolute pear-fection.

TREE 13 – BOOM BOOM MUSHROOM: Boom, shake, shake, shake the Mushroom. For those who love DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, aka Will Smith, this one’s for you!

TREE 14 – TWINKLE TWINKLE: Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are! A beautiful tree made of hundreds and thousands up above the world so high.

TREE 15 – GOLDEN DAYS: Just like the gold bar you can win in our spend to win competition, this gold leaf tree really makes all the glitters GOLD.

TREE 16 – BAGS OF GOLD: How many cups of tea could you make from this tree? We lost count. Gold dipped tea bags layered to make this tree. We think it should win mosvt unusual tree material. Or do you think it should be the one down on St Georges Terrace – ‘pop’ down to see!