Not many things stir up our emotions quite like flowers do.


Not many things stir up our emotions quite like flowers do. They’re not only a way to express our love, friendship, joy and excitement for the future, but also represent hope, renewal and endless curiosity. enex is giving you the chance to feel all these emotions and more, with our stunning new mechanical flowers display.

The grand unveil of the mechanical flowers will be on Friday the 17th of May from 11am. Join us for a fun filled afternoon of live music, a moving art experience and a bite to eat at one of our delicious food retailers.

The flowers are the brainchild of the Skunk Control team at Victoria University, who combine scientific thinking with art and design to create immersive experiences that inspire wonder, excitement and opportunity at every glance. The display consists of large mechatronic flower heads (try saying that 10 times fast), which open and close to display a vibrant internal ecosystem surrounded by colourful and delicate petals. Each flower features millions of vivid colours, influenced by our native flora and fauna.

Although the flowers will be striking at any time of day, make sure to pop along at the half hour mark of every hour from 9:30 – 5:30 when the flowers will open and close in sync to music to provide quite a show. Don’t miss your chance to observe art and technology in full bloom at enex. See you soon!