The Choice Is Yours*

Date: Beginning Wednesday March 6
Location: enexperth Level 3 Food Podium
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Rolld, where the choice is yours!

Substitute Sushi for a Soldier, boot the Burger for a Banh Mi and achieve the Phi-nominal when you decide to eat with Roll’d.

There is no wrong time to make the right decision. The choice is yours;

  • Low Carb Poached Chicken Soldier (409kj) vs Sushi (1233kj)
  • Lemongrass Beef BanhMi (2329kj) vs Low Carb Burger (3040kj)
  • Poached Chicken Breast Goi (1031kj) vs Grain Salad (2800kj)
  • BBQ Chicken Bun (2044kj) vs Singapore Noodles (4239kj)

PLUS, tell Roll’d the flavour that lifts your taste buds to new heights and you will go into the running to win a free gym membership of your choice valued at $1,000. Click here to register for your chance to win.

*Terms and conditions ally. Click here for more information.